Small Details

We usually go here to camp but I cant post photos of the garden as they dont have a garden. It is a big expanse of grass for tents. At first glance this place is bare but if you will dig deep and look at the small things, you will see details that are beautiful!

Like the photo of leaves on a solo early morning sojourn…

Wild foxgloves that sways with the wind…

a bench in a corner leaning on greens…

Shy flowers that looks down…

rocky corner fence covered with moss…

the yellow moss…

the green and the browns..

the squirty kind…

giants leaves that resemble a grail…

green soft water grass that surrounds the pond…

lush lilipods that covers the water

a orange lifesaver that stands out in the middle of the tall grass…


the magical flamingos that i think goes alive at night….

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11 thoughts on “Small Details

  1. Anonymous


    What a beautiful place! That bench makes me want to bring a good book and settle in for the day.

  2. Anonymous

    Gorgeous – I love that top photo especially, I need to try and venture out at different times of day, the bright daylight can be so harsh at the moment. Love the moss, makes me want to walk over it and feel the bouncy spring!
    Thanks ever so much for joining in again lovely x

  3. Anonymous

    I love the thought you have taken time to have a look around to find out what is growing. It’s so important to slow down sometimes to take in what’s around you.


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