This Tiring Week

The bad effect of having a camping last week is that when Monday came chores are just too overwhelming.  Add tho that the chores that I brought home with me from the camping (smoked blankets, duvet and pillows,  and dirty dishes and camping stuff that needs to be cleaned before I store them).  Then add blogging, commenting, school run and the fact that I dont have my budget so I cant buy supplies. Yesterday son and I attended a school test run and we went there early. We are starting with no pram now so we didnt bring any. In the middle of our walk son wants to be carried or is walking in a snail pace. I carried him on my shoulder so that we can arrive in school on time. My son is only 4 but is half of me now. Heavy comes to mind. We arrive on time but I am wasted at 9am. After an hour we headed back home and I have to carry him halfway again. When we went back home I just to make himr eady for his normal pre-school sched. So even if we are slowly eliminating that pram I took it with me. We then walk back to school. I went back home and did chores. Went back to him and well when we got home I am a zombie. And yet I ironed a bit. Only a bit as my brain is not working anymore. I was planning on a bit of blogging and commenting but my mind shut down on me. I am sorry to the Linkys that I werent able to join and to the blogs that I werent able to comment on to. I am just really tired. Dead tired.

I still have few hours that I need to stay awake too even though my mind went to sleep mode already. So slowly I prepared dinner, fed the little one , cleaned him and we went to sleep at an early time of 8pm.

I am a bit okay now but I am still tired. But my mind is okay enough for a blog entry for today.
Today is going to be busy again. I am already tired and its just 8am!

Sorry to rant.


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12 thoughts on “This Tiring Week

  1. Anonymous

    You are allowed a rant! We all have those weeks when we feel tired and it seems that all you do is walk back and forth, cook and do chores. Hope next week is better for you. Mel #WotW

  2. Anonymous

    Everything seems so much harder when you are tired….
    My youngest used to get tired walking to school too and wanted carrying half way….She soon got used to it though!
    Don’t apologise for ranting….We all need a rant now and again.

  3. Anonymous

    I can relate! I love having breaks away, but coming back home is exhausting! I’m not complaining as I love the break, but as soon as we return it’s all about washing, cleaning, and playing catch up with blogging and everything else. Take a couple of early nights, and hopefully you’ll be back to full steam soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. Anonymous

    VaiChin @RamblingThroughParenthood: I do hope you start feeling rested and energised soon. I always seem to need a holiday to get over a holiday! #wotw

  5. Anonymous

    I think all parents can empathise with that tired feeling! no need to apologise about the rant – I have ranted far more over tiredness! Hope you’re feeling more rested now. #pocolo

  6. Anonymous

    You are definitely allowed to sound off! Everyone is. I do completely sympathise with how you feel. I have slept and slept this weekend – I obviously needed it! Hope you get some rest soon. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

  7. Anonymous

    Sometimes the routine of life is stupidly tiring. If your son isn’t quite able to walk the whole way, have you considered getting a scooter for him? It can be a fun way to get from a to b without some of the stress! Hope you’re feeling brighter again soon. x

  8. Anonymous

    Holidays always make me even more tired when we get home too! I hope you got some well deserved rest over the weekend x #PoCoLo

  9. Anonymous

    Andie from Little Bits of Waffle

    Oh no I feel for you. Abandon all chores and rest up! Hope you’re feeling a little more rested lovely xx


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