The Gallery – Great Outdoors

We started being interested in camping and this is us looking for twigs for our camp fire. Really hard as of course we cant go and get woods it should be those little pieces on the ground. In here it just rained too so its slippery. Us wearing our wellies is not helping us stay standing. We fell a lot here and yet its fun that your bum touched the muddy soft soil.

We are going to do this again of course cuz it is so much fun =)

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

8 thoughts on “The Gallery – Great Outdoors

  1. Anonymous

    That looks like proper countryside! Sounds like great fun. Good luck with your next expedition 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    It looks like the bracken has gone as wild there as it has here at our farm. Campfires are great though I’m not so keen on camping itself but great fun for children so stick with it if you can. #TheGallery

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve never ever been and I’m not sure if I would like camping but you make it sounds like fun

    Notmyyearoff x


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