Music and Play

Saturday was a bit gloomy but it did not stop us from going out. Weekends are the only days that we get to spend as a family lately so were taking all the opportunity when we have the chance. We just went near the house. A park where there are a small music fest. I notice before that son loves live music that I am always in the lookout for one for him to see. The duo was setting up when we arrive and we are lucky that there's a space for kids to play to kill time while adults are watching and listening to the music.

Son just went to the play area and played by himself. Sometimes he would play with me or his Dad. And with the other kids in there too. Ordinary. But to me this is something special. As before when Sebastian is younger he would never ever share a toy or a play with any other kids. He is so possesive of his space and toys (even if its not his) and this frustrates me. I thought it would last forever but now he is so mature. He plays like everyone is his best friend! And most of all he shares toys! I am so proud.

With the maturity comes the appreciation of music. As a toddler too he would never stay in one place and is always on a run mostly from me. Look at him now listening and watching the show! My little boy is growing up.


12 thoughts on “Music and Play

  1. Anonymous

    Ah looks like a great day out and it must have been fun to listen to the band. I bet you are proud, he sounds lovely sharing his toys and playing so nicely with everyone! x

  2. Anonymous

    I saw your photos on Instagram-looks like a lot of fun. I find that life is a little easier when they’re able to stay entertained for more than a nanosecond at a time! Of course, it comes with the reminder that they’re growing up-which is both happy and wistful I suppose 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    growing up

    It is a great ting when they start to share, we are still trying to teach my youngest about sharing, more to the point, about not snatching, letting the first child finish before her turn, but then also teaching other children, when its her time, is her time… sharing is a complex matter isn’t it.
    Music festival, that sounds great, and even better it isn’t really busy and confined, so it looks relaxing.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s lovely when they share toys, they grow up so quickly and can suprise us in so many ways. Looks like a brilliant music fest #countrykids

  5. Anonymous

    It’s lovely to watch your children grow and mature, but also a little bitter sweet I think that they are getting older. #whatsthestory

  6. Anonymous


    Amazing that he could sit still and enjoy the music! It’s a bit scary to see them grow up so fast, but great when they make life that little bit easier 😉

  7. Anonymous

    Aww, looks like you had fun despite the weather, great fun and he looks very interested in the music #countrykids

  8. Anonymous

    What a brilliant day – it’s great when they finally ‘get’ sharing, though it took a while with all of mine, ha!

  9. Anonymous

    Oh how fabulous, sounds like you had such a great day. It’s so nice that there’s lots of sharing going on, it took POD a little while to master that! Lovely post, thanks for sharing with #whatsthestory


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