Bristol Escapades

Last Sunday we planned to drive somewhere but then Sebastian my son is a bit feverish so we decided not to go far and just drive to Bristol. Our plan is Asian Store, Ikea and then this water area in @Bristol so that he can cool off when it gets too hot.

We are constantly monitoring him as fever on a hot day is not pleasant! And it was a sunny day. In the Asian store we just bought some supplies for my new found blogging love, cooking post! Then we head to Ikea. While there we took some free woods for our future camping fire wood.

They have so much that hubby went bonkers! He needs to sort the car so we just waited (so long) inside sitting. A lot of times my son would hum wordless songs like this one.

After so long we finally found [free] parking and head out to the College Greens Park. We found this awesome patch! Lettuce as borders and tomato plants as center piece! Amazing! He met a friend here and they played long and we said our goodbyes and we then proceed to the Anchor Square. There is a waterscape there where he loves playing.

He started undressing while we are still fee meters away from the place! And he just played in the water like crazy. I then realized that we should have invited that family to go with us because its hot and I know that their son would've enjoy playing in the waters too! Missed opportunity to gain new friends. They are new in Bristol as well! *Sigh* Anyways he stayed in the water long enough. And his Dad stayed with him as he fell. We really do have a clumsy kid. He is after all sluggish and feverish. But in high spirit. He would walk to where i am sitting and stay with me every so often just to laugh and talk. My sweet little boy. Mostly because I have Cadburys Buttons too =P

We went to the Harbourside afterwards. Just to walk. To see if there are events. We notice that he doesn't want to go down now. Sebastian wanted us to carry him always so thats our cue to go home.

We headed back to the car which is located on top of this road! Good luck to husband as he is in-charge of carrying our son on his shoulder!



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16 thoughts on “Bristol Escapades

  1. Anonymous

    Isn’t it amazing how well kids deal with being ill? Bristol’s looking lovely here with the blue skies. #LetKidsBeKids

  2. Anonymous

    sounds like you had a lovely busy day! your son’s hair is just beautiful and the lil video of him is so adorable šŸ™‚ lovely post x

    from we3three

  3. Anonymous

    Ahh hope he’s feeling a lot better now. It’s amazing how they see water and feel much better all of a sudden šŸ™‚


  4. Anonymous

    Oh you can always persuade your children to sit with you if you have chocolate buttons! Haha
    Looks like you had a great day, hope wee Sebastian’s feeling better, it really is always having a fever during the hot weather x

  5. Anonymous

    I love it in the water at Bristol, all the kids go crazy! Hope your son is feeling all better now, looks like he did very well considering he was under the weather.

  6. Anonymous


    Hi, we went to Bristol a few weeks ago and ended up going in the water fountains, they were fab! Great to see all the children playing, enjoying the sunshine and being outside!
    A really good find.

  7. Anonymous

    I do hope that Sebastian is feeling much better now, although it didn’t see to spoil his fun at the fountains! It looks like you all had a great day in Bristol, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  8. Anonymous


    Thanks so much for supporting the Outdoor Play Party. Looks like you have found the perfect way to spend a lovely afternoon, hope your son is feeling better x


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