Thankful Thursday

I am so lucky that everytime we are out my husband is always willing to babysit our son while I take photos of flowers in gardens that we visit. Few minutes by myself is doing wonders in my well being I am telling you. I am so happy after those few minutes of seeing these beautiful plants up close. Like this last Saturday. Sebastian and my husband stayed on an open lawn to watch some live music while I am few meters away taking photos in a secluded garden. Jill's Garden is located near the Garden of Fragrance but this is the only time I have visited it. I found out that this is another nice small quirky garden.

I also realized that it is awfully nice to take some photos while you have music in the background. It really does set the mood so maybe next time when its gloomier I can bring some music with me to lift my (the plants') spirit more.

My brain is really in a rut and I am out of words to describe everything that I am feeling at the moment. My writing muse left me (as if I ever had one). What I have are photos of blooms that delighted me in the past days. Hope you will enjoy looking at them as I enjoy taking photos of them!


In addition we went walking to Bristol and this caught my attention. A plant patch with lettuces, chilli and tomato in addition to flowers in their College Green Park. Amazing right!


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