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It has been a roller coaster ride. I think that if I need to do a word of the year it is roller coaster.
Every thing is up and down. Emotions are always changing. Erratic.

The only thing that stayed constant is my son's growing up.

We started pre-school last September. He is not potty trained and he is not as sociable. True he does play with other kids but to him there are boundaries such as his properties or things that he consider his own is his. No sharing. He is also a clingy child. I am always the last parent to leave school and what I leave behind is always always a wailing child.

He would also throw tantrums. A lot of times epic. So epic that epic tantrums became my new normal. I did not question him. Never but I did question my parenting skills, A LOT!

Today is his last day in pre-school and he is just a shadow of the kid he use to be. He is so behave now and of course he is potty trained. In school, he plays with every one and in his new school he adjust well. He plays with anyone and everyone. He is so sensitive with my emotions and if he feels that I am sad he would always give me a cuddle. I am so not deserving of someone like him. But I have him and I am so happy for that!

Of course its not all walk in the park with him in his school. We had every virus that is in season. We had lice and we have days when he would cry after I pick him up because I know he had a bad day. More proof that tho he is growing up he is still a child that also needs a lot of cuddle when the world is a bit too much for him.

I would pick him up and a few hours and that is it. Tomorrow will be their school leavers party and then no more school. I suddenly felt emotional and I have to admit that I wanted to cry because I have met so many nice people in there and I think that I can even call them friends now. My son will advance and their children will stay. Sad but these are the realities of school life right? I will miss the school staff as well. Giving my son love and treating him like a family. They did not judge me when we started not potty trained. They have been supportive of my son's development and worked closely with me (esp on our potty training days).

I am so thankful for them. It takes a village to raise a child and they are my village here in the UK.

My word of the week: THANK YOU to Noah's Ark Pre School.


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13 thoughts on “Word of the Week

  1. Anonymous


    Thank you is such a great word, or words. It sounds like your little one had a great time at pre school and the next step is even bigger but one that I am sure he’ll love x

  2. Anonymous

    Ah, this is a lovely post, Merlinda. It’s amazing how quickly they grow and develop, and all that they learn in such a short space of time. We’re just back home from my daughter’s leavers assembly, and I can’t believe she;s now finished with preschool. Thank you is a great sentiment to sum up your week. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Anonymous

    Aww! Such a lovely post…I am getting all emotional reading it. My girl has just left Primary school and I cried all the way through her leavers assembly…Enjoy every moment! They grow up so quickly x

  4. Anonymous

    What a lovely post. I know we had to change play school because the first one just wasn’t right. Knowing your child is going to a good nursery makes all the difference. Emma

  5. Anonymous

    It’s hard moving forward. My eldest starts school in September too and the end of pre school is bitter sweet. He’s had so much fun and grown so much. Good luck to you and yours. #pocolo

  6. Anonymous

    Oh bless, I was always an emotional wreck when my 2 moved on to another school. Make the most of the summer together before facing September at big school x

  7. Anonymous

    I’m happy to hear that he adjusted so well. School is one of the things I’m nervous about as a child, so it was good to read this!

  8. Anonymous

    So wonderful to look back at their progress like this and see the radical changes that have taken place. He sounds like he’s come on so well in the year and is a lovely boy, rewarding your patience and hard work with genuine love. Lovely post!


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