This Week

It has been a struggle for me this week. I got my eyes tested last Saturday and my eye grade went up. From 3.50 to 4.50. I also have dry and red eyes and I cant wear contact lens. I got this from wearing my 2-weeks contact lens for 2 months haha. I didnt tell the optometrist tho. He just said to buy some drops. So with outdated glasses and no contact lens I hover through the week. Includes going camping and being a mother to my son for a week while everything is cloudy and blurry.

Without proper eyesight I am so dizzy too and cant do chores and well cant post and comment. Writing this my face is almost touching the monitor even if I have zoomed in too much.

My word of the week:

Cuz the world is really blurry.

As I said to my husband I am deteriorating here. I know that my eyesight will really go up but I cant buy contact lens because its expensive. Just the amount of the glasses is a pain in our budget ass. The glasses will be available Friday morning and I am so looking forward to seeing the world better again. I am so looking forward to being able to read blogs and comment. I also missed a skype session with my mother as I cant see well and I am so dizzy when we are about to.

Tomorrow. Will be a new day. Tomorrow I will look at things differently! I will stop at small things and big things and look closely and try to savor beauty of my surrounding. I cant wait to see better again.


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13 thoughts on “This Week

  1. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear about the deterioration in your eyesight. Feeling dizzy is horrible, so I hope you get this sorted soon.
    I wear contact lenses and have a deal that’s only £10 a month including aftercare, free glasses, solutions & monthly disposables. Let me know if you’d like the details…

  2. Anonymous

    Feeling dizzy is just awful and so disorientating. This past week must have been so hard for you. I hope you get your glasses later today and that you feel better. I wonder if it’s worth investigating other ways of financing contact lenses?

  3. Anonymous

    My eye sight jumped when I was pregnant with the boy so I feel for you! I also need to update my glasses for the dry eye days

  4. Anonymous

    One of my eyes has started to go a little blurry too 😦 I need to make an appointment to get them checked!

  5. liquoriceuk

    Can definitely sympathise with you here – it is horrible when your glasses aren’t quite strong enough and everything is a bit blurred. Very disorientating. I can’t wear contact lenses either very much at the moment – used to have the monthly ones that you can sleep in but since Sophie was born, I’ve had really dry eyes (apparently it’s a side effect of breastfeeding) and can’t wear them so have had to switch to daily disposables for the few times when we’re out at social events and I would rather not wear glasses. Even so, I can only tolerate them for a few hours. Izzie’s deal sounds fabulous – might be worth looking into! Hope the world gets less blurred after you get your glasses today

  6. Anonymous

    Oh no, horrid feeling. My eyesight’s terrible. I couldn’t get through getting up and getting ready in the morning without my glasses, let alone a whole week! Hope you feel better with the new ones x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  7. Anonymous


    I was really sorry to read this earlier in the week. I hope you have a better week once you have got your new glasses x #WotW

  8. Anonymous

    Life at 139a

    Hope everything is clearer for you now. Eyes are important look after them x. I know I’d be lost without my lenses

  9. Anonymous

    I have an astigmatism in my eyes and that is bad enough. I hope you are able to get your glasses and have clearer vision very soon. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

  10. Anonymous

    It must be awful having to rely on glasses to see thing clearly. It is only now that I am in my mid forties that I need mild glasses for reading with, although I do worry that now my sight started to go down hill it won’t stop!…Unnecessary worrying I know!…

    I hope that by the time you write your #WotW for next week, the world is a blur free place for you.

  11. Anonymous

    I guess your eyesight issues explain why there’s no silent Sunday this week? Hope your eyes recover swiftly and love your word of the week.

  12. Anonymous

    That sounds like a tough situation to get through. I hope the glasses arrived and made a difference for you and life is now clearer!


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