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Better Photo Project

We always visit this place but this is the first time that I saw lush grass growing at the banks of the pond. There are some areas though that is clear and visitors can feed the ducks, swans and other birds there. In the middle of the lake is a small island that reminds me of Abney and Teal on TV (as I said here). Here are the photos that we took that I love and would want to share with you.


Last Day Of Summer

Weekend is a bit lazy for us. In my mind I was thinking of doing something great and unforgettable like going camping on the farthest place with the bestest things to do like kayak and my stuff. But we spent our last week of summer vacation here in our bakyardish. Morning was spent walking on the beach. My son playing with the sand and us just being cold from the wind.  Really ordinary. I think I have a post (or 2) about our beach.

Really windy that we head home few minutes after. I am so amaze of the kids who are bathing in this weather (there are quite a few)! kids really do have their own heater. I want one of those!

And we pass by an amazing car show event. With 2 boy who can resist the gleam of these vintage cars.

Son dragged me to his fave. He had got an expensive taste. A jaguar. He would circle around it and touch it. I was actually scared that the owner would tell him off but he just went round and round and no one reacted negatively. Nice.

Then he played and played while Daddy is looking for his fave.

As a Sunday treat we ate to Burger King. Yes it is a treat to us hehe. We are cheap what can I say!

After getting some food we head out for a short drive to Backwell Lake. Been a while since we went here and its nice to see lush greens around. There is this island in the middle of the lake. I always imagine Abney and Teal to live there. Son fed the ducks with few of the biscuits we have.

While of course I took photos. I love this one of the shadows of trees on the grass and the water. Its just so pretty. Nature creates such amazing beautiful scene. I feel so lucky to be able to witness it.

We always have a spare clothes for son for when he decided to take a dip on fountains. He wants to swim here but he is not allowed. This is the next best thing! Play and touch the water.

While walking my inquisitive eye caught this! Blackberries!!!!! If you are one of the blogs that I have commented on linky you will know that it is my dream to do a pick your own fruit gig. But we dont have any farm near us that offers that. And I am so delighted that we can do it for free. There was some itchy leaves there but who cares. Son is really careful and husband and I immensely enjoyed picking the black ones!!!

When we are all scratching already we stopped. We got an okay amount for a short time. And this is a summer bucket list ticked off! For free! Unexpectedly! And a bit of scratching my son went back to stalking that animals. Like this massive swan. I am actually scared but I guess the swans are use to being stalked already.

3 tired but happy souls boarded the car to go back home. Simple day really, ordinary yes but really really nice and (blackberry) rewarding one.


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It was a tumultuous month for me and I am so glad that August is ending. The whole month, my head is just buzzing. Outside I am as peaceful as I can be inside so many things is going on in my head.  Like there is a war inside me and of course I am the only one who can fight or not fight it.

I did fight it. In so many ways I still am but I am so happy to say that I am more peaceful now and dare I say even calm inside. I am so tired though as my body had been through a lot. My brain had been through a lot. I am not worrying as much and the sadness now is more bearable. I am so proud that though I didn't go unscathed in this fight, I (would like to think that I) won. And I will win always because I have a weapon that will always pull me through this, my son.

And now my body and mind needs a rest and that is what I am doing. Standing still. Thank you to the people who reached out. Thank you. Thank you very much.

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Grove Park After The Rain

Monday was really rainy and we stayed inside the house the whole day. By night time the sky cleared and its our sign to go out. Everything is so fresh and the smell is just amazing. We went to the park near our house again and it is nice that theres not much people in there. Plus the cafe is close so I can go near the garden that is usually for tables and chairs.

It is nice that a lot of the flowers are still in bloom.  Nicer that they have after rain drops. Been awhile since I last did this. Taking photos of plants. I got really really lost again in the middle of the flower beds and its just so amazing to be back in taking photos of them. Didn't take a lot of photos as its starting to go dark when we got there but I got enough to have an entry for this week's How Does Your Garden Grow and I am so glad that I can link up again.

Its not all fresh though as some of the flowers are already damage. It might be the changes in the weather or sign of the coming season too. What ever it is, it just mean that the plants is not going to be this pretty forever and I am glad that I got this moment to experience them in this state. I cant wait to see the changes that it going to happen to them soon though. I have to confess that I have been staying in this country for 4 years and yet this is the only time that I have the chance to see the season's effect on them closely.



*Used Nokia Lumia 1020 that was lended to me for #ConnectsTrial