Beeches Farm Camping Site

I am still recovering from the tiredness that I got from going to Cloud Farm Camping Site and due to my poor eyesight I was thinking of just resting this weekend but my husband has got other plans. If its up to me I just really wanted to stay home but he already told my son and my in-laws who will join us so what is there to do but to join them.

This time we went to Beeches Farm Camping Site which is in Wales. Wales my husband said is another country! So I just told myself GO ME! Camping in another country! We paid toll which is believe it or not amazing for me as we do pay toll in my country so its like in a way I am in my country. Sorry I so treasure small things that reminds me of home. Even paying toll. We pass by a massive modern bridge which reminded me of HK too!

The place is okay. There are a lot of campers when we arrived but there is still so much space. The staff is really supportive! This is the first time that I saw some staff around in my 5 camping experience. And the facilities are good. We have views of mountains too. But I miss the river in the last campsite. I miss the walking path too.

I am so proud that I am getting better at pitching tents. I helped my husband the last time and this time we did 2 massive tents this time. It is really windy too so that adds to the challenge. We were able to do the tent thing in less than an hour. We then just loaded everything in the tent and my son enjoyed following my mother-in-law. A tail if you want to call him.

He also played some badminton which he calls tennis and he is so keen in playing it! Even when night time came. Sadly its too dark for him. As the last time he is the one who asked if we can sleep already. He must be very tired from the travel and from playing around.

The wind blew stronger when we are asleep. In the middle of the night husband woke up to add more rope to both the tent to make it sturdier. It rained too but amazingly we feel cozy inside the tent. Too cozy I think that when morning came my husband and son slept till I late!

I woke up 6am. Went out to see the sun and went back again and walked inside our small tent. I am so bored in waiting for them to wake up that I ventured out on my own. I just walked and walked and saw a lot of blackberries by the road. It is the reason why birds' chirping is loud here too. I just walk and walk and cant find anything thats nice. I headed back. And saw my husband and son out to get me.

This is a bit glamping more than camping for me. In the past we are always cooking in the fire with small amount of food. This morning they brought out a massive cooking range and cooked breakfast of eggs, mushrooms, beans on decent pots and pans! They have tea and have juice and the whole shebang. That is like more than I serve at home even. My son and I just tinker with a Peppa Pig magazine which incidentally feature camping =)

A heavy breakfast I think is vital as after few minutes it started to drizzle to we have to disassemble the tent as fast as we can to not make it wet from the rain. Again I helped my husband David while my son helped too in putting pegs on bags.

I think that it is a nice camping gig for us. Would have been better with more area to explore but this is okay already. Didn't made me too tired. I am so looking forward to doing chores and tasks and blog and comment! Only to find out that we are heading to another site to just see and explore> Tintern Abbey.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


12 thoughts on “Beeches Farm Camping Site

  1. Anonymous

    Oh lovely! You are so brave! I am thinking camping might be fun with my little two next year. Think they boy is just too young at the mo. Looks like you had lots of fun xxx

  2. Anonymous

    Camping is so much fun as you’re really out there and in touch with the great outdoors! That said…I think my girls will need to be a bit older before I dare to have them let loose in a tent!

  3. Anonymous


    This site looks lovely & you got great weather too. Thanks again for your support of the Outdoor Play Party & for leaving a lovely comment too.

  4. Anonymous

    Camping is great, so much to explore and fun to have outdoors. Looks like fun.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  5. Anonymous

    Welcome to Wales! Although you were nowhere near n=me as I’m up North. I’m not too keen on camping myself but it sounds like you all enjoyed yourself, even if you did wake up at the crack of dawn! #SummerDays

  6. Anonymous

    Glad you had a nice time in our little country 🙂 If you had driven for about 40 more minutes down the motorway you could have stopped in for a cup of tea 🙂
    I love camping! If you ever want to venture to Wales camping again I recommend you go to the Gower. There’s plenty of beaches to visit but nothing really to spend money on, which is why I love taking the kids there lol. Thanks for linking up #SummerDays

  7. Anonymous

    This campsite looks wonderful, I’m always on the look out for new sites so will explore further! Lovely pics. @76sunflowers (sorry my ipad wouldn’t let me change user above!) #countrykids

  8. Anonymous

    Another successful camping trip! How lovely that the in-laws joined you as well. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  9. Anonymous

    It sounds like you are really getting into camping! You are so much braver than me. I love my own bed too much. x

  10. Anonymous

    Lovely camping trip photos

    I love the scenery of Wales and sounds like a successful (though tiring) trip! Great photos.


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