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**I have been struggling to keep up with commenting but I promise that I will eventually comment on everyone. Right about now I am commenting on last Sunday's #mysundayphoto. And hopefully I can finish everything.**

I am struggling with chores too. I am just really tired always lately. Its like I can't get back lost energy.

Its August now and in a few days and in a blink of an eye it will be September and my son will start school. We are a bit ready now. Bought some uniforms and we will buy school supplies once we know what to buy.

The real reason I am closely monitoring the days and months is that everyone I know who are of the same nationality as me is going home to the Philippines. Even the other mothers who I know who is not from here are going home. To Ireland, Italy and Poland. They want to see their family before the holiday season ends. Going home. I have been controlling this feeling of homesickness and I said that I wont talk about it again but seeing people post their photos of going home just makes the feeling of homesickness resurfaces.

And its eating me. I am so jealous of those people who are going home. It is so hard to look at facebook now and instagram. I am trying to be happy for them and yet .. yet I am wishing so hard that I can be home too.

So I am struggling in doing everything as I am trying to put on a straight face in front of my son. He is with me always and faking happiness is not easy. Right now he is playing with my husband and I want to cry while writing this.

The Reading Residence

5 thoughts on “Word of the Week

  1. Anonymous

    Aww! Massive hugs to you! It must be so hard seeing people going home when you miss it so much!! Hang on in there. It will be September before you know it and you’ll be busy with your son starting school. Very exciting x

  2. Anonymous

    Oh, this sounds so hard, Merlinda. It’s no wonder you’re tired and struggling, with these feelings weighing you down. I can’t imagine how hard it must be. Sending you hugs and hopes that you’ll be OK. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Anonymous

    oh that must be really tough. i wish we could go and visit my hubby’s country (kurdistan) too and stay for the summer but we just cant afford it. missing people is really hard to take, im so sorry. from we3three x

  4. Anonymous

    Oh, Merlinda, I am so sorry you’re feeling so sad and homesick. It’s no wonder you feel tired and that you’re struggling. Try to be kind to yourself, huge hugs x

  5. Anonymous

    It must be so hard to be torn all the time. Being so far from home. Maybe if you explain to your son why you are feeling sad he would understand a bit better. I read a few of your more recent posts and I get the feeling he might think he is why you are sad. Teach him all about your home and family then maybe it will help both of you šŸ™‚ wishing you love and hugs xx


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