What Is Common Between Homer Simpson And My Son Sebastian?

It was after our camping here that he has got his donut baptism of fire. He had one before but he doesnt like it and werent able to finish even 1 donut. So everyone's energy is low and when we got in the Service Station there it was a donut stand. And we bought 3 donuts. 1 Original Glazed for me, 1 Strawberry Creme for Daddy and one Chocolate Sprinkles for Sebastian. He just love it so much that he cant stop talking about it! Fast forward to last Saturday, my husband gave in to his non stop request for us to get another one and we went to this place just to get it! More than 30 minutes of driving just to get 3 pieces of donuts that he craves. We ordered the same flavors. But as a back up we also bought 6 pcs to bring home.

Look at that face =P

We took 2 hats and those boxes are from the service station. We took 2 for him to play with for his shop. And he took the box that we bought and created his own Krispy Kreme Donut Shop =) Look at that happy shop owner face =P

And he cant help it. Took one for morning snack.

Dont worry though we always brush his teeth 2x a day and he havent had any donuts since. 5 more donuts still intact in the fridge ready for us to eat when weekend arrives =)




5 thoughts on “What Is Common Between Homer Simpson And My Son Sebastian?

  1. Anonymous


    That is so cool that you have Krispy Kreme Donuts there! Raspberry filled is my favorite!! And the glazed ones when they’re fresh out of the fryer….they just melt in your mouth! This post has made my want one.

    I bought some two weeks ago. But with 4 kids at home, and with the youngest being 13, well, I had to get 2 dozen! One dozen assorted and one dozen plain.


  2. Anonymous

    These are adorable pics. Your son is a real cutie…He sure does love his donuts. So do mine actually….(I mean what kid doesn’t??)

  3. Anonymous

    I have heard people rant about these but have never tried them. Seen them in the service station but at about £1.50 each it will be a long time till I try them. But I am glad your son liked them.


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