Another Day in Bristol

My son Sebastian requested for his Dad to go to Bristol again. What he is actually thinking was to have a dip on the fountain at the Millennium Center but it is too windy and cold. He brought him to Bristol but Brandon Hill to play on their playground.

Off they went to the playground and I was given few minutes to photograph the surroundings. We were here a lot of times before but I didnt know that that there are many ponds and falls. They are really hidden and you have to dig deep to discover them. Really nice to hear and see the water flowing. So healing.

After I took some photos I went to join them in the lower part of the hill where the play area is.  We played non stop. Yes we. I rode the swing and just stayed there for the longest time. This is only because there are not a lot of kids nor visitor there today. I think everyone is still enjoying their holiday somewhere. Or people were put off with the cold weather.

We spotted a lot of trees with dress on them while heading out.

And yes, squirrels! They are everywhere following us. They are just so cute!

It is a nice day. Gloomy but not too dark. Bristol is becopming my son's favorite place to go even requesting it to his father. Because it is really a nice place. Our dream place to settle one day.


 photo 93142f35-6d39-479f-b3de-d94dbca68162_zps58499252.jpg

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

*Used Nokia Lumia 1020 that was lended to me for #ConnectsTrial


17 thoughts on “Another Day in Bristol

  1. Anonymous

    Coombe Mill

    those water features look stunning, it is hard to believe you are in a big city there! What a wonderful spot to spend some time and a great squirrel capture too. A lovely Country Kids looking adventure. I can see you wanting to go back here again. Popping in from What’s the Story

  2. Anonymous

    So cute squirrels (with us they are not so tam) and: yes, water is healing.
    Wish you a good quiet time 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    Those after features really do look amazing-and I agree that water really is healing. I love the sound of it too. Hope you’re continuing to feel better xx Iona@Redpeffer

  4. Anonymous

    Beautiful photos and it sounds like a lovely day. I had no idea all of this gorgeous scenery existed in Bristol, we shall have to have another trip to do some more exploring!

  5. Anonymous

    Nice family outing

    Did you know that not far from us (we live in Knoxville, TN) there are two Bristols. This city is split by the Tennessee/Virginia state line, but if you happen to be a NASCAR fan then you already know about this little east Tennessee town. I enjoyed your photo tour of your outing. I, especially love the first picture ~ so old world.

  6. Anonymous

    Ah, we were in Bristol over the weekend/bank holiday. N did paddle (all the other kids were in wellies, but he was in barefeet) in Millennium Square on Sunday morning. Luckily our hotel was only over the water, so easy to head back and get changed once he’d finished.Great fun

  7. Anonymous

    Beautiful photos. It does look a lovely place. Great that you were able to join in and play too in the quiet playground 🙂

  8. Anonymous


    I didn’t even realise all that beauty was in Bristol (and I lived there!). How lovely that the squirrels came so close too.

  9. Anonymous

    What a beautiful place and it looks like your son is having fun there too. We must visit Bristol some time.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  10. Anonymous

    It is a wonderful city. You have taken beautiful photos. The waterfall ones are almost like paintings. Water, playparks, squirrels and even some yarn-bombing. A fun time for sure. #CountryKids

  11. Anonymous

    I love the pond and rocks looks so mystical and inviting, lots of fun on the park too what more do you need. #countrykids

  12. Anonymous

    those waterfall pictures are so atmospheric, they are beautiful. Love the cheeky face sitting on the side of the sandpit.
    What is with the dresses on the trees?
    Amazing how town squirrels become so use to humans. Lol at you playing on the swings


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