Seabrook Salmon Sarnie (3S)

We always prepare our own Breaded Fish instead of buying boxed fish fingers. Always better than the ones you bought in store as those are 60% breading and 40% fish. We also love to play around with our batter and breading. We used a lot of things other than breadcrumbs like corn cereals and of course Seabrook Crisps! And what better way to eat them than as a patty for our sandwich! Here's our usual Seabrook Salmon Sarnie recipe. Hope you will try it as it is really really crunchy yummy scrummy!

For the Breaded Salmon
Flour & pepper
Seabrook Sea Salt & Vinegar
*You can also add other spices of your choice
like paprika and or chilli powder to your flour to add some kick to your fish.

For the Sandwich
Seabrook Cheese & Onion


1. Mix pepper and flour and put on a plate.
2. Whisked the egg and put in another plate.
3. Pound the Seabrook Sea Salt & Vinegar and put in the 3rd plate.

Then cover your skinless salmon in flour, roll in your egg plate
and then finally roll in your Seabrook plate.

4. Try to stop your sous chef from munching all the Seabrook crisp  =P
5. Fry in medium heat. Cook the fish thoroughly.
6. Put the fish on kitchen towels to drain the oil and keep the crispness of your Seabrook!

7. Lastly, just add the add the fried fish on your baps. Add the lettuce, cheese and additional Seabrook Cheese & Onion and SERVE!

Look at that simple and yet LUSH!

And the proof that its good!

This recipe is an entry into the National Crisp Sarnie Week competition with Seabrook crisps.

Super Busy Mum

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14 thoughts on “Seabrook Salmon Sarnie (3S)

  1. Anonymous

    I would never have thought of that!!! We also coat our own fish as it’s much nicer homemade.
    We shall be trying this out next time. Can’t wait.

    Sounds like a winner to me.

  2. Anonymous

    Crisp Sarnie

    I love the idea of National Crisp Sarnie week!!
    This looks so totally yummy!

  3. Anonymous


    what a wonderful and healthy recipe and I’m sure, it’s so yummy yummy yummy!!!
    Have y nice wednesday

  4. Anonymous


    It’s great to get kids involved in food prep – and this looks like the sort of messy thing mine enjoy. Mine will be easily tempted to give this a go what with the crisps being involved!!

  5. Anonymous

    These look delicious! And such a nice hands one recipe for the kiddies to get involved in. Will have to give them a whirl!

    Thanks for linking up to MMWBH over on In my bubble this week! xx


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