Grove Park After The Rain

Monday was really rainy and we stayed inside the house the whole day. By night time the sky cleared and its our sign to go out. Everything is so fresh and the smell is just amazing. We went to the park near our house again and it is nice that theres not much people in there. Plus the cafe is close so I can go near the garden that is usually for tables and chairs.

It is nice that a lot of the flowers are still in bloom.  Nicer that they have after rain drops. Been awhile since I last did this. Taking photos of plants. I got really really lost again in the middle of the flower beds and its just so amazing to be back in taking photos of them. Didn't take a lot of photos as its starting to go dark when we got there but I got enough to have an entry for this week's How Does Your Garden Grow and I am so glad that I can link up again.

Its not all fresh though as some of the flowers are already damage. It might be the changes in the weather or sign of the coming season too. What ever it is, it just mean that the plants is not going to be this pretty forever and I am glad that I got this moment to experience them in this state. I cant wait to see the changes that it going to happen to them soon though. I have to confess that I have been staying in this country for 4 years and yet this is the only time that I have the chance to see the season's effect on them closely.



*Used Nokia Lumia 1020 that was lended to me for #ConnectsTrial


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