Last Day Of Summer

Weekend is a bit lazy for us. In my mind I was thinking of doing something great and unforgettable like going camping on the farthest place with the bestest things to do like kayak and my stuff. But we spent our last week of summer vacation here in our bakyardish. Morning was spent walking on the beach. My son playing with the sand and us just being cold from the wind.  Really ordinary. I think I have a post (or 2) about our beach.

Really windy that we head home few minutes after. I am so amaze of the kids who are bathing in this weather (there are quite a few)! kids really do have their own heater. I want one of those!

And we pass by an amazing car show event. With 2 boy who can resist the gleam of these vintage cars.

Son dragged me to his fave. He had got an expensive taste. A jaguar. He would circle around it and touch it. I was actually scared that the owner would tell him off but he just went round and round and no one reacted negatively. Nice.

Then he played and played while Daddy is looking for his fave.

As a Sunday treat we ate to Burger King. Yes it is a treat to us hehe. We are cheap what can I say!

After getting some food we head out for a short drive to Backwell Lake. Been a while since we went here and its nice to see lush greens around. There is this island in the middle of the lake. I always imagine Abney and Teal to live there. Son fed the ducks with few of the biscuits we have.

While of course I took photos. I love this one of the shadows of trees on the grass and the water. Its just so pretty. Nature creates such amazing beautiful scene. I feel so lucky to be able to witness it.

We always have a spare clothes for son for when he decided to take a dip on fountains. He wants to swim here but he is not allowed. This is the next best thing! Play and touch the water.

While walking my inquisitive eye caught this! Blackberries!!!!! If you are one of the blogs that I have commented on linky you will know that it is my dream to do a pick your own fruit gig. But we dont have any farm near us that offers that. And I am so delighted that we can do it for free. There was some itchy leaves there but who cares. Son is really careful and husband and I immensely enjoyed picking the black ones!!!

When we are all scratching already we stopped. We got an okay amount for a short time. And this is a summer bucket list ticked off! For free! Unexpectedly! And a bit of scratching my son went back to stalking that animals. Like this massive swan. I am actually scared but I guess the swans are use to being stalked already.

3 tired but happy souls boarded the car to go back home. Simple day really, ordinary yes but really really nice and (blackberry) rewarding one.


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15 thoughts on “Last Day Of Summer

  1. Anonymous

    Gorgeous photos- I am so sad August is over and Summer is over but looking forward to Autumn at the same time too. x

  2. Anonymous

    They are like the best ordinary moments ever Merlinda! A beach trip, a vintage car rally, a BK meal a beautiful park and wild blackberry picking – what’s not to like 🙂 We came across some wild blackberries growing right next to a zipwire in one of local swing parks on Friday and EJ loved it! I had to drag him away before he either a) got kicked flying by someone coming past on the zipwire, or b) came away dyed completely purple 🙂 X #theordinarymoments

  3. Anonymous

    That sounds like the perfect way to spend a summer day or two. I’m envious of you living so close to the sea, we’d love that. And bramble picking is such good fun isn’t it, we’ve got lots in our garden but we’ve also been out gathering them down by our local canal. Lovely photo’s xx Iona@Redpeffer

  4. Anonymous

    Sometimes the simple days really are the best; sounds like a special time, and how lucky to find blackberries x #CountryKids

  5. Anonymous

    What wonderful photos – your little one looks so happy 🙂 A brilliant way to spend the last day of summer #magicmoments

  6. Anonymous

    Yay 🙂 Yummy blackberries. What a fabulous day out. You always have cool things going on nearby. Thanks so much for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party x
    Leila – Mud Mud Marvellous Mud


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