How Does My Garden Grow

I have been doing the gardening thing awhile now. Started June me thinks. I am hiding them as I dont know if they will be alive for like a month as when I bought them potted plants they are so wee! Now They are still smallish but I think they have a chance of life as they already have thick stems. I know its so amateurish to base the life of the plants with the width of its stem but I am an amateur.

They are sunflowers, egg plants, a basil and a bougainvillea. Oh and I have a really really small pot of strawberry (as per the seed packet) too. I jujst water them everyday and they did grow! I am so happy too that one of the small eggplant has got an eggplant! Its so small and cute!

I am so clueless on what's going to happen to them in autumn and winter but I will just let them be and do their own thing. But I so pray that they will not die as I am really enjoying their company!

Here they are before.

Here they are now.



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