Burst Forth

School will start Friday for us. Have been thinking about it and is nervous on to whats going to happen since Monday when everyone is already starting. In a way its a torture as I have been nervous & everyone else is already settling in.

We had a meeting with my son's teacher beforehand and we saw a girl in the reception area. And my son played with her and they are both happy. Another boy shouted his name while coming out of the hallway too. His mother said it is nice because his son usually forget names. This made me wee bit proud (and thankful for her nice comment). As I know that he remembered my son's name because they played together in their tester class before. He is a social butterfly now, my Sebastian. He is of course shy with the people whom he doesn't know which makes me feel safe that he just wont go with strangers. Somehow I know that he will be okay starting school as he is a friendly kid.

After that meeting I can not wait for him to go out there and make some more new friends. I cant wait for him to go out and burst forth.

To make his world bigger, to learn and to be a better person.


The Reading Residence

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