Time For School

My son started foundation year Last Friday. We were up early and he got dressed up and I was so happy that he is all smiles while we were doing so. He got a bit sad that Daddy was not staying and needs to go to work but when he started playing he got back to his usual happy self. And I was able to do those first day of school photos.

We head out to walk and we have tostop every so often every time he would see something interesting like a bug and a dandelion. He is also amazed and is aware now of other kids wearing uniforms and going to theirrespective schools.  We met mothers who we know and congratulated and gave us good luck as they know its his first day. Before we know it we were running out of time and I was so worried that he will be late on hsi first day that I asked him to walk faster and he did! We walk/jog/run to his school and WE GOT THERE ON TIME. When every one is going inside their room! WHEW! I gave him his kit and his bag and no drama at all. He went in with the school principal who knows his name which is awesome right?!!!

Sadly I werent able to get photos of him cuz we are just in time. But while walking home I realized how lucky I am to have him as a son. Like a really Eureka moment. I know that he is a good boy but that day is different. He cooperated even in running to go to school. The walk is short but we really are talking and he is so sunny and positive.

He just went with the flow and he is good at it! I did not hear complaining and protest!

And I suddenly felt dramatic. My little boy is really not so little boy anymore! HE is growing up! As he is good when I picked him up I told him we can go wherever he wants. I was expecting playground but he took his time in thinking. I thought that we are just going home but when we pass by the town hall where the library is he said he wanted to go in.

Inside we read a lot of books. Big ones and small ones and he found a book about machines and roadworks! He is in love with roads and signs and cars! If you will scroll up at the 5th photo where he is holding his bubble wand you will see in the photo (right side) a driving learner's book. That is his. His fave book that we read almost everyday. So when we found this book it is perfect for him and he never let it go. He read it with me and read it by himself. It is about people doing road works and the sound thats involve in doing it…

… which inspired this video.

On the way out there were given gummy candies as a prize for being good students. He doesnt like eating them so he is just playing with them and he gave me the gummy rong! Mummy wear this! And I did!

It was an awfully nice day! I am so happy that my son is a happy quirky kid. We are going to do this walk everyday of course and it going to be an routine for us. Going to school will be part of our weekdays, something ordinary. But I will make sure to treasure every moment because I dont want to forget quirky little things that my son and I do and share. Like this little gummy candy ring.


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