My son Sebastian of course is always our top priority in the family. Moreso this week when he started in a big kid school. We are very busy with him. We are trying to start a new routine. Him starting in a new environment is hard. He looks to be adjusting well but this might be very very overwhelming (it is to me) at the same time so it is of course nice for us parents to be with him in every step till he is really adjusted. The school is also slowly trying to introduce formal learning to my son. He has the whole September to adjust attending school with half of his original class. We will start whole day of class with the other half of the students this October. I believe that this system is the best for young children which made me appreciate his school more.

So many more things that we need to do and start and I am so glad that he is cooperating and seems to be enjoying these changes. Makes things wee bit easy for everyone especially me.

Since he ruled my world this week, HIM will be my word of the week.

The Reading Residence


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