Happy National Cupcake Week

Today is the start of National Cupcake Week (15-27 September) and Betta Living launched this Creative Cupcake Recipe Competition. For my last entry I am going to prepare Sans RIval Cupcake. I got the recipe from my fave Blog > Bake Happy. When I started with this one there are so many things that went wrong but I just move forward and I got the meringue cooked. I stored it in a container with a tight cover and did the icing the next day (this morning).

I have to agree that this one is special and needs a lot of ingredient. I was originally planning on doing this for my birthday (Sept. 14) but was too busy so lets call this after birthday treat!

I only used half of the ingredients specified as I leeway for when I make a mistake (which thank goodness I did not). As a newbie (trying to be) baker I realized how hard it is to bake when you dont have the proper equipment. I have improvised in so many parts. And before I can even finish the icing my food processor whisking adaptor stopped working, leaving me with a half ready icing. The icing should be smooth as velvet and what I have is like buttercream icing. I gave up and just used what I have. It still worked a bit but not as lush as when the icing is fully whisked. Here it is ladies and gentlemen > Sans Rival Cupcake as my last entry for Betta Living and Tots100 #BettaBakeOff



For Meringue

2/3 cup  –  Egg whites (About 4 eggs)
1 tsp  –  Egg White Powder (Dr. Oetker has one available in baking section of supermarkets)
1/4 tsp  –  Cream of Tartar
2 tbsp  –  Caster Sugar
2/3 cup  –  Caster Sugar
2/3 cup  –  Ground Almonds
1/4 cup  –  Caster Sugar
2/3 cup – Chopped Cashew Nuts (Plus some more for decoration)
1/4 Cup – Plain Flour

For the Icing

1 cup plus 2 tablespoon sugar
3/4 cup water
14 egg yolks
2 1/2 cups unsalted butter
1 tsp vanilla extract


For Meringue

  1. Add egg whites, egg white powder and cream of tartar together and whisked in high.
  2. When frotty add 2tbsp of caster sugar and whisked on high mode again.
  3. When the egg whites on a soft peak state turn the dial to slow and add the 2/3cup of caster sugar gradually ( I did mine 1tbsp at a time) till it reached stiff peak state.
  4. Mix the ground almond and 1/4cup sugar. Add to the egg mixture and fold in.
  5. Mix the cashew nuts and plain flout together. Add to the egg white mixture and fold in.
  6. Put the egg white mixture in a piping bag and pipe in cupcakes liners. I dont have big enough tip (the chopped cashews always clog the tip) so I just used the piping bag without tip.
  7. Bake at 120C for 45minutes of till the meringue is ready.
  8. Set aside

*You can prepare the meringue early and store overnight as long as you put it in a sealed plastic container.
**You can also used baking tray, lined with baking paper and pipe in the meringue mixture. I used the cupcake liners as I am still not good with piping and cant get a proper circle.

For the Icing

The most critical part of the icing is getting the right temperature of the sugar before you put it to the whisking egg yolk otherwise the icing wont set.

  1. Mix the sugar and water together and boil. Use your candy sugar thermometer. When the thermometer reached 220F start mixing the egg yolks already. Stay with your boiling syrup.
  2. When the syrup reached 240F pour it to the still whisking processor continously but slowly.
  3. Cool down.
  4. After cooling, put it back to the processor and slowly (in small pieces) add the butter. Add the vanilla extract when its smooth and beat some more.
  5. When the icing is velvety it is ready for piping.
  6. Add in piping bag.
  7. To assemble your Sans Rival, add meringue then icing. Then add another meringue and icing. Repeat this till you reach the edge of your cupcake liner. Then cover with icing. Add chopped cashew nuts and serve!

Again excuse me if my icing is not velvety smooth and soft as my processor gave up on me. I was really really excited to bake this project but I am having a mercury retrograde moment. I would want to be like Iain (GBBO) and throw the half done icing in the bin as my processor breaking is like hitting a dead end. I tasted the icing and its delicious and theres texture in there that might complement the meringue. I realized I can continue and continue is what I did, assembling my cupcakes. The cupcake is still yummy and rich in flavor. And my husband and son loves it a lot!


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