My Morning Saviour

First day of school is scary. First day of big school for my 4 year old is scarier and to me as well. We woke up early as our call time in school is 8.45am. Way early. Before this my son wakes up 8! So the first day of school is a shock to my system esp when we slept late the night before because we are doing a last minute shopping of the stuff that we suddenly need.

So the day itself. We wake up. We are all sluggish. Took so much time for my son to get dressed. He is half asleep and half awake.

Needless to say that we are running late. On the first day of school! And I need to prepare breakfast??!! I took a pack of Belvita breakfast biscuits and gave it to him.

From sluggish he slowly wake up and perked up and even played helicopter with his biscuit! And off we went to school. A 20minutes walk from our house. We are really really running late few steps away from the school gate so we did a jog instead of just walking and we did it! In the nick of time. His classmates are lined up slowly walking towards their classroom! And he run to the last kid to join them.


And when I went back to pick him up during mid day I have this worry that he will be very weak, more sluggish. But he still have the energy to walk back. We went to the library and then home where he played non stop! I am so glad that we always have a stock of Belvita in our cupboard. My husband & my son's fave who saved our first day of school. A real morning saviour! My #MorningWin giver.

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