Best Friends Forever

I thought that my son is adjusting well in his new big school. He is always happy and smiling every time I pick him up and always happy on our walks to school. This morning though some hints are dropped unintentionally of course that he is missing his friends and teachers in preschool. He saw his album from his old school and he started asking if he can go back to his old preschool. I just shrugged it off thinking he was just reminded of them cuz of the notes. His new school in near his old preschool and I told him that I saw his friends from there. He literally run when I told him that we can probably still catch them if we walk fast. We did see them and he is really happy. There is a bit of a distance with them (him and his classmate) already but I think thats its just the environment being the sidewalk. Given a chance for them to meet in say a playground they would probably go back into their close selves. They are both tired too of course.

We then went to another place and his friend and mom proceed to theirs and my son started crying saying he wants to follow them. I pacified him by telling him that we will text his friend's mom. So we went home and we texted them and he is telling me to text them for a meet up. I just texted them saying my son misses their daughter. When I told my son that they cant meet us up he started crying non stop. Saying how he is not happy.

Took me while to make him stop crying.

When his father came home fromwork we decided to bring him to the playground to console him. My heart is breaking that my son experience cant be with his friends (as classmates) anymore. They will move on and he needs to move on as well. But he is a kid and I dont know how to explain that. What I can do is to be with him while he is mending his young broken heart.

Here are our photos of our trip earlier. Nice weather to be out. Still warm and yet the colors are staring to change.

Him excited to go to the playground.

Daddy helping him in the circular swing as he is dizzyish

Son wibbling wabbling cuz of that ride.

Zip line is more fun when you have someone to share it with!

Me climbing the rope mountain and taking some photos while on the top! Cuz why let the boys have all the fun!?

I just love his color against this equipment

Son and I sharing the swirly swing!

Us walking back to the car.

**Apologies for the dark photos as it was taken early in the evening.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



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