Life and Death

Last Sunday was my birthday. I celebrated it quietly well actually I did not celebrate it at all. Its just like another normal day.

What also happened was that one of our dogs at home died. His name is Bossing. I dont even remember when we got him. I just remember him being there. He was given by my cousin. He got him but cant take care of him so he gave it to us. We are like that household. We have 2-3 additional turtles from people who doesnt want their turtles anymore among other pets.

He has been the guard of our mini store. He is a good dog and no one can get near our store not even cats nor massive rodents (we have them as big as cats!). He also stayed there on rain, sun and flash flood. He is always the poor one as the other stays near the house and he is far. But he is happy. And I love him and I know that he knows that. Dogs are nice no? They listen to you and they give you that frown that assures you that they are hurting when you are hurting and it feels better knowing that theres someone who understand. They also withstand my hormones when I was pregnant when people around me werent. When I left we have 7 dogs. Now they are 3. And I dont really expect to see any of them alive anymore as the chance of me getting home is slim. I am so drained with this emotion game now and I am a bit drained.

I am okay though. I have been thinking of him. And flashes of our moments together are popping in my head the whole week. The happy ones. And we have lots. So I am glad that we had them. Memories that I can go back too when I am sad. When he is gone.

It is what I have been thinking. My birthday, another year another life. His death. Life and death is my word of the week.

The Reading Residence

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