I am clutching the vitamins and the energy drink on my chest. It took me awhile to encash my new work paycheck but I did it and now the only thing I need to do is give these to him. Hopefully, I am wishing, praying in my head that this will help to make him recover and be stronger at least. I wish I have bought this earlier but its hard to get a job but now that I have a job and salary I wont stop till he is better.

The commuter Gods are on my side today too as I got a seat. I usually stand till its almost my stop. How lucky! This is going to be a good night.

When I got to the seat I turned on my cellphone to tell my sister that I have vitamins and money too to buy him few of his medicines. I remember turning it off as it is not allowed to be turned on inside the bank. I was surprise to see so many messages.

I opened one of my sister.

'He is gone'

The energy drinks and bottles of vitamins that I bought fell on the bus floor. I am too late.


Prose for Thought

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