This week is a bit chaotic. So many chores, as always. And my schedule is still adjusting to my son's school schedule which will change again next week. Then finally will start to settle this October when he will have a whole day class already.

He started eating too (or not eating) in the school canteen last Monday and he cried. Mostly for being tired and for almost choking. Since then every time I pick him up I would get the 'I/he did not eat in school today' news from his teacher or him. This is in addition to him telling me that he doesnt have kids playing with him. And his teacher talking to me about an email that my husband sent asking for a talk about my son not having friends to play with in school which I am totally clueless about. He sent an email and he did not tell me!!!!! He forgot he said. UGH! I look so clueless while the teacher is discussing the email. In the end she said that he is playing with the other kids. She also sais he is probably just tired and still adjusting in school. So that is settled right? The not eating worries me of course as how is he going to have energy to go with the whole day class if he wont eat lunch? Then again I think this will sort itself out (hopefully) as he will realized that he will get hungry in his afternoon class if he wont eat lunch.

Then there's the whole my passport will expire and do I renew or do I apply for the citizenship? Meaning I need to take the ESOL exam which is scary! Whatever I choose there will be lots of paperworks. And where are we going to get the money????

But one thing that I am sure of this week. I am so looking forward to Friday and now that it is Friday I am so glad that it is as I will have Saturday and Sunday to rest my body and mind! I need to bake to clear my head and that is what i'll do yey!

TGIF is my word of the week. Even if it is not a word word =P

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