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Mud Pie Cupcakes

We are a loyal fan of this magazine, Peppa Pig Magazine. We love it cuz of the workbook as my son is learning numbers and letters. I notice in the end that there is a recipe of an easy chocolate cupcakes. The last chocolate cake that I did was a bit hard. I have to re-do it as something got wrong when I mix the chocolate bar to water to the flour. This one seemed easy. No mixing of chocolate in the flour but just the cocoa powder. When I checked too everything is in the cupboard so I can start right up with the cakes. I also got some Halloween cupcake liners from Ikea so I can used that too!

You will just need:

For the Cupcake Mix

60g Cocoa Powder
4tbsps Boiling Water
175g Butter, melted
175g Caster Sugar
120g Self-Raising Flour
1tsp Baking Powder
3pcs Eggs

For the Icing

100g Chocolate, melted
60g Butter, softened
250g Icing Sugar


For the Cupcake

  1. Pre heat the oven to 200C. Put cupcake liners to molds abnd set aside.
  2. Sift cocoa and add water. Mix until thick.
  3. Then add butter, sugar, flour, baking powder and eggs. Mix until texture is smooth.
  4. Spoon the mixture to your liners and bake for 10minutes or when you poke the cakes with a fork and it comes out dry.
  5. Cool down on a rack

For the Icing

  1. Mix the melted chocolate, sugar and butter until smooth and pipe in or just spread on top of your cupcakes.
  2. SERVE and EAT!

So easy right?

And since our liners are Holloween themed I also did some Halooweeny designs!
We made a bit of a mess but its fun and easy and fast to do!

Disclosure: Not sponsored. I just really love to try easy recipes as I am still learning how to bake. The easier the better for me!


Its no secret that we are having a hard time adjusting to school. Proof of that is my son's report card saying he is doing poorly in personal, social and emotional development. I know how school is. It can be pretty harmless but to a child school can be daunting. And my son is young and small and I can only imagine how he sees a world where people are all bigger. My heart still breaks every time I leave him there and he still cries. And my heart leaps when when I pick him up he is the happiest. No I am not blaming his school. It is just really hard for some students to learn how to go with the flow. And my son is one of those who is having a hard time adjusting.

Sadly, school is a part of his life where I (or his Dad) can't be there. He needs to overcome this by himself.

I cant do anything but to let him eventually adjust to it.

Hoepfully soon.

What I can do is be there every after school day and assure him that every gruelling day outside I am there at the end. Ready to be with him, ready with a cuddle. A hug.

Ready to listen to him rant or rave about his day. Ready to laugh with him. Ready to cry with him. Be proud with him with those nice looking stickers on his cardi and be down when he doesn't like the food.

I am there to hold his hand on our walk and sometimes carry him when he is too tired.

And we will go home together.

Home where we can rest.

Home is my word of the week.


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Pumpkin Carving in our Little House

As I promise myself that we are going to try to start a Halloween tradition, we bought a pumpkin! A massive one and husband and my son started carving it. We are really surprise to find out that the pumpkin is not full. We are expecting it is.

We removed some of the flesh for future cooking and draw some eyes, nose and face!

And our finish Happy Looking Chap!


Mini Creations

Wicked Wednesday

For once its not my son who is the 'star' of my wicked wednesday post. It is the seagulls! Woken up by their noise and this is what I saw from my berdoom window! Them eating, opening the trash bags on the street. They always do this to me too! My trash bags in my terrace is always being attacked by them as well. So big part of my budget goes to buying those trash liners =(


Alphabet Photo – Y is for Yonder

We always go to the beach. We are lucky enough to live near one and every afternoon if we want to we can just go out and walk there. We also go to this place where there is an old and closed pier is at. Everytime I am there I can see albeit not clear the view yonder!

I always wonder what is in there. It is Cardiff my husband said. I wish we can go because I want to see what home is like from there.

I also always wonder if someone is looking back every time I am looking from where I am.

Big Bang Theory

I am transferring photos from the laptop to the memory disk when my son saw a photo of me and husband (above). He then asked where he is. I answered he is still not in my tummy. Then he asked where he is before he got to my tummy?


How am I going to answer that?

A plan. You are still a plan! I answered.

Where do someone stay before mothers concieve them? Floating in the air? Inside me I suppose. Waiting for a partner in crime (Dad's sperm). Floating in my body trying to be ready for that moment where you can finally hi-five sperm and be something, someone. My son. Our son.

Sebastian, we are talking about you. If you are interested. We are worried that we are never going to have you as I am old. Also my OBGyne found some polyps in my fallopian tube. Your other half (sperm and lets call him S) will have to pass those and the Doctor said its a long and hard journey and S will be too tired and will die somewhere in there before he can go to E (my egg). So we are longing for you and we are scared that we might not have you. But we are certainly talking about you. Day dreaming. How we will have you and what we will call you. what you are going to be like.

But guess what? S defied science and got to E right up (those multi-vitamins helped a lot me thinks!)

And we have you! Yep you are those 2 lines!!!

We kept you as a secret for awhile even if in our hearts we are jumping for joy and Mom&Dad really wanted to shout and tell everyone that we have you. Even though you are special for being a kick ass the polyps baby we are scared that we are going to jinx it if we will tell people right up and something bad will happen to you and we will lose you. WE DONT WANT TO LOSE YOU. We told few people, your Lola (grandmother), Tita (Aunt Bagel) and Lolo (grandfather) on my side. On your Dad's side, he told his twin brother your Uncle Simon. They kept you a secret from your Nain for awhile as they said its too much of a news. Him getiing married and him being a Dad in the same month.

There. I think before you were you Sebastian. Half of you is me and the other half of you is your Dad's. But when I gave birth to you. You are no longer us but a separate person. You have the freedom to be what you want to be. You have the freedom to be as different or as the same as us. But no matter what we are happy that we have you now and we dont know how life is without you on our side.


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A Walk In A Park

The wind is starting to pound on us. Getting cold where we are and a jacket is now a must on our late walks (though surprisingly my son can still go without jacket in the last few days! Amazing I know.) I asked my husband and son if I can go and take photos of a park. Its been awhile since I used the camera and I missed using it. I told them that they can stay home if they want. They dont want to stay home of course and would want to go with me. While I am snapping away they are also snapping using the cellphone. When I am done with taking photographs of the park garden (which you can find here), I took photos of my boyz together.

My son of course requested me to photograph some signs. I gladly obliged.

Its a productive weekend for us!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A Gloomy Afternoon Walk

I have been neglecting my camera so I told myself that I would go out and take photos. Sunday is a nice day to get some. So armed with my camera I with my minions (husband and son) went to the park to get some awesome photos. But the sky is not cooperating when we got there its really dark. I have struggled with the macro shots. The camera is opting for flash already as its really dark. Everything I took is either too blurry or too bright because of the flash. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Always nice to go out in any condition to see what works and whats not!

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Easy & Fast Tomato And Basil Risotto

One of my fave ingredient to cook is Risotto. Mostly for its similarity to Filipino dishes. Viand combined with rice. Risotto is also one of the few dish that my son loves to eat. He is a fuzzy eater. So I am trying to serve this dish often in different forms. One of the new recipe that I did was a really fast and easy TOMATO AND BASIL RISOTTO which I found from Sunrise Senior Living website. The dish was done by their chefs which are there to make sure that meals are healthy! Why don't you check out their blog as well as they post about how one can stay healthy. What I love about this recipe is that the ingredients is already available in my pantry so I can whip up a meal anytime! It is fast and healthy and hearty too! My son loved the creaminess of this dish and my husband loves the texture of the roasted veggies! Me? I just love that its easy to cook!

If you want to try it here's how:


20g Butter
10ml Oil
3pcs Tomatoes – cored seeded and diced
1/4pc Onion – diced
1clove Garlic – crushed
800ml – vegetable or chicken stock
200g Risotto rice
20ml Double Cream
30g Basil
70g Goat's cheese
100g Butternut Sqush – roasted
1/2pc Red Bell Pepper -roasted
Salt and Pepper


  1. Heat the oil. Saute garlic and onions. When onions turns translucent add tomatoes and leave for few minutes. Add the rice.
  2. After fiew minutes add roasted veggies.
  3. Gradually add the stock till you reach the consistency of risotto that you like. Then add the butter and cream.
  4. Serve with basil and goat's cheese.

Discloure: I was given money for the ingredients of this dish.

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