My son will start whole day of shool next week. I will have extra time not only to clean the house and blog some more but also to go back to school. My school. I am a student as well. I cant even remember when I started but I am a student. Open learning student at KLC School of Design. I already submitted my first project and got my feedback and I need to go and start to Project 2.

I am very very excited to go back.  I am so bad in my first submittion. I know I can do better but I want it done and over with and just want to submit and finish. I was busy then and can study on a Saturday and Sunday. And I stay in the library and I feel like I am missing out on my son and my husband doing some trips somewhere.

Now, I am planning everything in my head. I will do Tuesdays and Thursdays as Interior Design day. Wednesdays and Fridays are for ironing and house cleaning. Monday for my son. Saturday and Sunday is our family day.

I am also back into buying a lot of magazines and is starting to buy school supplies again. It is always nice to buy supplies. Papers and pens and more papers. I am also doing some drafting works in the laptop.

I am so excited that I want to start it now but I cant yet. Its all in my head tho. The plans. The scheduling. The finished drawings.

I hope you dont mind if I write about this journey. Interior design is something that a lot of mothers are interested in and I am hope that though this course is a bit technical you are going to have this journey with me.

My word of the week is back to SCHOOL.

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