Brandon Hill Park Playground

Not functioning well lately. I am always dizzy hence the lack of posts. I am stuck at home while husband and son go out in our high street just to see whats new. After taking some iron supplements I started feeling better and was able to go out with them in Bristol. We just went to the library to borrow some books for my son who is learning how to read and then proceeded to the park.

We always go here but we didnt know that you can access it from the near the library!

Theres even this tree with so many pears but we cant reach it. So we just went back to play. Next time if its still there we might bring a long stick! They looks so juicy believe me! And this is the first time that I have seen so many leaves. Really autumn now. We went to walk on them and its just so much fun to listen to the crunch of those brown leaves!

Afterwards we went to the Millenium Square as thats my son's fave place. I think he is wishing to play in the fountain but by the time we got there it started to get really cold. He wants to play with the water but we are not equipped. So he just bugged the statues there. He loves them and I think if he can bring one home he will.


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