I am A Bad Mother

Firstly I would greatly appreciate it if someone will give me aa digital watch! Nothing fancy. I would love a gshock! Waterproof and well digital.

Why do I want one?

Early this afternoon I am doing a lot. I prepared dough for my steam bun project. I left it to prove and then I read some books for my IELTS. Then I had a misscall. From my son's school. This got me worried. Is he sick? Is he in trouble????

When I called back they ask if who will pick my son up. I said me and why? They said the school ended 3:15 and he is still in school. When I looked at the clock its 2.45. When I looked at the cellphone its 3.30!!!!!!!!!!!

I run. My shoes are not for running but I run. I want to cry but I cant as I need to be in school. When I arrive I went to the reception and my son is there. Only student left waiting for me.

I apologized and I already want to cry. But I stopped myself. I dont want to look so bad as I already look bad.

When we went out of the school my son started sobbing telling me I left him.

While we are walking away I feel so many things. Guilt, embarassment, guilt, stupidness and more guilt. I have let my son down. I gave him a chocolate. He devoured it. It made him forget that I was late. He probably notice too that I am on the verge of crying so he showed me funny faces. Pulling his mouth wide and blinking. He also kiss me. He said chocolate kisses.

And I felt more guilty. How can I ever be late?

Do the recption beleived me?

I swear. I am not always early in picking him up but I am there. I am there way before they let him go from tennis (my son's after school activity). I would never deliberately let him down like this.

I still feel bad right now. I am so tired but I cant sleep. Everything crumbled after that. My steam bun is not as good as I want it. I am embarass and I dont know how to show my face in school tomorrow.

I am such a bad mother! I should've set an alarm in my cellphone. I should've check from the ipad or shouldve check the laptop.

Should have =(


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