I was studying already slowly going back to school when it suddenly hit me that my passport will expire end of this year. Meaning I need to go to London to renew it. But I was thinking what if instead of renewing it, what if I sort out my citizenship application instead???

To succeed in that I need to take English Language Exam (written and oral).

So now instead of reading my lessons I went back to reading reviewers and I am so thankful that I have time to do so cuz can I just say that I suck in grammar or is it supposed to be at grammar? and I need all the time in the world to review and relearn grammar rules!

So every afternoon you can find me in my local library if not reading my IELTS books devouring the broadsheets. After which I see words while walking to pick my son up in my school run.

I need all the help that I can get and well no one is in here to help me but myself.

I need to do this. I dont have much goals in life lately as I am not succeeding it them so I am giving up. But I have a feeling this one goal that I can nail and I will work hard to get the passing score!

Though in my head, I still think that it is not fair that I have to get it and the people before me does not.

But life is full of injustice and I have no choice but to follow the rules as it is the law.

My word of the week is IELTS. It is the exam that I need to take.


The Reading Residence
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