School Run With A Scarecrow

Being it a Friday, uniforms will be washed and my son had a rough week (because of me), I decided that a walk in the beach and not just the prom is needed to revive us both! It is starting to get cold now and yet walks in the prom and the beach is still berable with thick jackets.

When we arrive we notice a demolition works is in progress. Suddenly the beach is wider and I realized that they torn down the sandsculpture already! Some of the statues are still there. I dragged my son to go and explore the remaining sculptures and I got a 'But Mum it said Keep Out'.

I promised him that we would walk faraway from the pile of wood as they are a bit sharp and he happily walked with me to the beach while eating his snack. There are some mother child playing in there already. The sand is a bit hard but not impossible to break. We helped the demolition people!

It so much fun to walk in there! Like we are walking in ruins full of broken statues! We werent able to see this guys standing up as the entrance fee was a bit steep four our budget so we are making the most of what we can play with here.

This broken Lion is a nice bench to eat your snack!

The sunny weather made the walk in the beach more bearable too!

And after eating his snack my son decided that there are too much crows and the beach needs a scarecrow! Dont know if its effective though as there is one few meters away from here in that photo!

Last part of our school run is this fountain! I have never seen it with the water this clear and if not for the weather I would have let my son play in there. So we just threw a pence and made some wishes.

Really a lovely afternoon. Made me appreciate the place where we live. This is a bad week for us but everything seems better after this walk.


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