Baking Milestone – My First Chocolate Cake

I always wanted to try baking chocolate cake! Who doesnt? Got a recipe and luckily as I am slowly buying baking goodies, I have most of the required ingredients. I dont have glucose though that is needed for the ganache. I have maple syrup and I used that instead.

 My processor's whisk is broken so I have used a different attachement than the required one. The first try is a mess. My butter is not soft so when I combined it with the sugar it didn't mix well. No fluffy mixture but a sloppy blocky one. I reckon if I will add the warm liduid it will make the butter melt but it didnt mized well. Especially when I added the flour. Its just wont bind! I have to start again and made sure that the butter is really soft. Luckily the second time I got a better cake mixture.
I am use to baking in small versions. I am more into cupcakes than real massive cakes as I feel I have more control of smaller ones. It is easier to cook on my weird oven and I dont have mold. This cake for example needs 2. My budget can only get me 1. So intead of pouring the cake mixture into 2 mold I used one. The problem that I got is that the sides are already cooked and is starting to be crusty. The middle is still soft. When I took it out the side are really hard. I continued to make the cake. Cutting the middle part to add the ganache. I also dont have an offset spatula so I used my painting palette knife to spread the ganache too! It worked well! I copied a nice web design on a magazine. I think I did well.

I actually baked this cake so that I can join a competition. Here is my husband and son enjoying this bake. If you would click on the photo it will lead you to the competition wherein you can vote for their funny faces. I would greatly appreciate it if you will as I really need the mixer prize!


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