Noom Walk

Yes you read it right! Noom walk. This is not a sponsored post. But I am using this app thats helping me to lose weight and part of it is telling me how many steps I should do in a day. I notice that I wont cut it for this certain day so I took the cams and head out. I am trying to beat that 1000 steps!

My destination is Clarence Park. When I got there I am amazed of the colors. Autumn is really pretty if you ask me. Theres not lots of flowers. Just trees with changing leaves. But what really captured my eyes are this mass of tall grass with pretty wheat like parts. I am so scared that I will have allergy when I go near but the lure in getting some shots is greater. The details of this grass is really amazing! Also found a poppy with crumpled petals! Pretty too! I am so glad that

Did get the quota steps and some amazing photos too!


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