Neck Tie Ceremony

Was it only yesterday (yep a cliche) that my son started his year 1 in school? Well next week he will have his first proper half term but this Friday he will have a ceremony to mark his being a proper student! A neck time ceremony.

I have been thinking of this event the whole week. We have been through a lot since he started school and we are still trying to work out some problems. At some point in these past weeks I am questioning if we started school too early for him. Should be back out and wait. Is it even possible to back out?  But my son is getting there. Adjusting. By the day. Everyday he will give me reason and alibis not to go to school and not to eat on the hall and yet when it is time to go, we go and we walk together hand in hand (no matter what the weather is) and we enter his school. He cries every time he needs to go in his classroom. But he will be very cheerful when I pick him up while telling me what he did and my heart heals.

Now this ceremony. Like a token for both our efforts. Like telling us that we did a great job! That our trying has paid off?

I will post some pictures if photos are allowed to be taken.

I will share with you the fruits of our school labor.

That neck tie will serve as an inspiration of me to work harder and not give up. I am so looking forward into seeing him with that neck tie the next time we go back!

Half term will also be use for us to train him to eat in public. When he became tantrumy before I got scared of eating in the public as its so embarassing to have a 2-3 year old crying his lungs out in public esp in restos. I think I have transfered this fear to him and its manifesting in school. I will try to go out, just him and me and we will enjoy it. As simple as coffee from Costa to something we always go to that is Ikea Cafe. Hopefully, hopefully next time he eat in school he will be confident and the fear that I have instilled in him will be gone.

But for now, today we are going to attend and enjoy the ceremony and the free tea and cakes after!

Ceremony this is my word of the week.


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