Soft Play Promise

Half term! FInally! A vacation that I cant get till my son started school. A really well deserved break.

And what better way to start it than to give my son his request! See we have been telling him that if he will eat in the school hall (he doesnt like eating lunch in school), attend his tennis lesson (he doesnt join in the class) and just be an all around good boy we can go to his fave place in the whole wide earth.

And he did try. Everyday. Before we go to school he would give me alibis to not eat in the hall but he will go and eat his lunch. Same as his tennis class! The coach is happy to announce that he is joining in the games now and not just seating in the bleachers. I am so proud that he is trying!

His fave place> Soft play area. So after his class off we go! And what a promising journey! We saw our first rainbow as a family!

Here he is playing. The soft play area is empty just us and 2-3 other kids! He is so happy everytime he is there and whats even better is that this is his prize for being so good and trying things that he doesn't fancy!

I love you Sebastian and thanks for being a good boy! You truly deserve this trip!



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