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Waiting Game

It was a bad week for us. The car just went bonkers and our plan to go somewhere last Friday was cancelled. Plus our budget is already tight as is it. We can only imagine how much money we need to have the car fix. And then there's Christmas. What do you do when you dont have any budget for it?

So come Saturday we planned a trip to Bristol to get something. Riding the bus is a first time for my son and he loved it a lot. The freedom from the car seat strap made him happy during the trip.

The shop where my my son's father need to go is small so we decided to just wait outside. Few meters away from a the shop is where the church ruins that we visited before. We walked and played with the leaves on the ground. We also collected some for a craft project. We put the biggest leaves that we can find in our bag.

We stayed in that same area. When my son's father took a bit longer we decided to venture further and I am so glad we did because its just pretty there.

At the back of the ruins are this cute sculptures. My son called the one at the end a blackberry.

And even further are grasslands that has so many interesting features like a band stand, graffitied walls, a fountain and a play area with so much sand and amazing wood play equipment.

It was a nice time. Something to cheer us up when our spirit are down and out. To make you forget about Christmas and all the other hassles of life and just feel the breeze on your face and feel the sun on your skin.

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Worded or Wordless Wednesday Linky Party

I told myself that I will learn to take photos. I have been addicted to the cams for so long but I am using the automatic modes. I want to finally understand the 3 important things in Photography which is ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. I am also using the manual focus as automatic focus doesnt work well with macro shots.

Here is the sample of the one that I took.

Just edited it a bit in Picmonkey using the auto adjust and it just made it brighter. I know I shouldnt be using picmonkey but its habit! Just want to share as I am so proud of the [manual] focus.

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Glimmer of Hope
Glimmer of Hope


Lets Get The Party Started

I am so jealous of my son's social calendar! It is full. He attended a party at Puxton Park with his Dad and he was awesome there. Playing non stop with his pre-school friends. I think that he and his best friends really miss each other and I was told that they are inseparable!

And we then went to another party of a friend. Its her daughter's 4th brithday and we went there straight after his tennis. I was expecting a kid who would be grumpy but he is a champion! Joining every game and winning new friends and the dance competition!

And here he is with his competition loot!

My friend was surprised to see him being so game! She knows him as a shy and a bit tantrumy from before but now it all changed.
She said my son is now so sociable and mature! Her comment made me so proud of him. I think that he really got over the tantrumy stage and is now enjoying the company of other kids. Of course his pre-school and school helped a lot as well.

And because he is such a nice kid in parties he has got more invites now.

Whew! Life of a party boy is a bit tiring =P


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Despicable Me

I think my son (and his Dad) sees me as the villain of his/their life. I mean I am always the one who kills the joy. Like this last Saturday where he is chasing his Dad inside the store and I stopped him from running after his father. KJ (killjoy) I know. Or I when last Monday his Dad brought home a DVD of the How To Train Your Dragon and I have to remind them (every so often) to go up and sleep already as his got school the next day. Or I am always telling him to eat his food, dont run on the sidewalk, change your school clothes before you play your lego and so on and so forth.

What he is not seeing is that that day when he was running inside the store. He almost hit his face on the corner of a display table. If I hadnt stop him the corner would have hit his face and there will be blood. I just grabbed him the right time. THE RIGHT TIME I am telling you otherwise he is going to get hurt. I am so mad and so scared at that time that I told him off after we got out of the store. He doesnt see how much I am scared of him getting hurt. What he saw is me stopping him from having fun from running and me telling him off. Oh Sebastian you almost hit that corner. If you can only see and hear how much my heart almost burst of fear. If you can only.

I am sorry if I have told you off or that if my voice is a bit loud that minute. My heart is still recovering from the fear of your getting hurt and I just dont know how I can forgive myself if you hit that corner.

You will see me as the villain here but theres never a moment when I dont want you to have fun. If I can only give you all your heart desires to play and to run I will. But there are proper places to do these things, proper time.

That incident never left my mind. Am I harsh for telling him off? I should probably waited till I am more relax before talking to him. So many should've in my brain. Last January I ask my husband if I can go home as nothing good is happening to me here. He will let me go home but I can never bring my son. So I stayed. I can never leave my son of course. He is my life and joy. Now I am thinking if my son will be better off without me. Because I am the villain of his life.

But thinking about me being far from him is just heartbreaking. So here I stay with my son as a villain in his life.

Villain is my word of the week.


And then the fun began...