Owl Moment

Sadly I have to return this book! I am only allowed to have it for a week. So I took photos of the pages/ recipes that I love and said bye bye to them two funny ladies on the cover.

When we arrived at the Weston-Super-Mare library we were surprised to see that there is an event! They have and owls and face painting! For free! Theres also a table of food which is really cheap and everything looks cute and posh (sadly I werent able to get photos).

Everyone is SO accomodating and patient with my shy son. He chose an owl face painting of course. While Daddy is near the cake table.

After the face painting the guy who is holding one of the owl chatted with my son (still shy and not talking) and explained owly things. He also gave us a chance to take a photo of the cutest owl ever!

And we head out happy that we found some free events with nice people! And my son is so proud of his owl face!

Thanks to the local library! We should really come often. We used to go there every afternoon. We just got busy at the moment with school and stuff but we are going to visit more often now. To borrow some books and meet some more owls and other magical beings!


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