Half Term Week

This is the most treasured half term for us yet! Well its technically our first half term and I found out its value when we started school.

We did a lot anf tried to squeezed so much. But nothing so grand as we dont want to tire our little boy that much.
We started Monday with a trip to the the Mall. We are looking for shoes for Daddy! And as a prize for being patient while Husbaand is shoe shopping is his fave donut!

Tuesday was spent at home and when Dday arrived we just drove around and stopped when we saw this sign thats a good fit to my son's height. Now if you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that my son is traffic sign obsessed! So he loves this sign very much! Wont let go.

Spent Wednesday and Thursday just seeing teh sights around us. The high street is nice as its got Halloween Decorations!

Friday is Halloween but we went to stores cuz my son's feet are aching. So we went to ride the train and went to the mall again! Turned out his shoes are now smaller and husband's wallet is sad cuz kid's shoes more expensive than his =P

Saturday was spent with the owls! We are just returning a book when we found out a great event in the library! Owls! And face painting and food!

Sunday was spent in Bristol! Enjoyed their library and short walk in the harbourside!

We are going back to school tomorrow so we are making the most of our few free hours!



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