Gossip Girl

I have a villain in my life at the moment and she is bullies me with sharp words that hurts. But this is not about her. I dont want to give her a post as shes not really worth it.

What I want to write about is how I get over bullies, villains. This is not only about people but things as well, like have you seen the news? Much as I dont want to read them I still need to know whats going on. CNN, Reuters are my fave news website. Scary stuff there! WHO NEEDS HORROR MOVIES WHEN YOU HAVE THE NEWS!

So what I do to escape on all these bad things? There's photography of course and blogging.

And theres >>>> Gossip! Entertainment gossip. My fave are of course the leader of the pack TMZ ! They dont just get the news they create them. The boss! They dig hard in the police records on who did this to whom? They have connections in the system! They know. No celebrity can escape them! They are XFiles!

I also love Lainey Gossip. This one is intelligent and scientific even! They dissect the news.
And then theres an LJ ONTD. A blog about everything GOSSIP! A collection of articles from gossip websites and I love to visit!

And then theres a cleaner ones like Popsugar. Which is related to my exercise website Fitsugar! And they have so many interest like beauty, fashion, relationship, food, design and everything mommy related!

I have so much more but these ones are on top of my list. These websites are my life saver. They balances the morbid news and they have saved my sanity on so many occassions. Sometimes I will read them crying and would finish not even remembering why I cried.

Theres just something about celebrity problems news thats addicting. The changes on their faces that so obvious and yet they fully deny. The nice dresses and bags! The relationships and how they change partners fast! Who is are the perfect couples? Who is pregnant at the moment? What are these pregnant girls wearing? Escape I am telling you.

How do you escape from bad people?

Do you also love gossip websites? Or if you have a nice website that you go to to feel good please leave a link! I need them in my life. Right now. Badly.

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