Parents Teacher Night

We went to my son's school to meet with his teacher. We sat in front of her with my son and my son is really shy. The teacher explained what is going on with him inside the classroom. It is nice to hear what my son had been doing. And we discussed about the thing that worries me the most which is his eating. I am really not sure on what I can divulge or not allowed to say in the blog but one thing is for sure there is some progress not just in eating but in every aspect of school. We need to work a lot on his handwriting as well.

This made me feel better as a parent of course. To know where to work at after school and to know where he is good at. I have always known my son but since he started school there is suddenly a gap to what I know now. This event has filled those holes!

We were able to look at photos of his activities too. So many funny things that he is doing and saying in the album that my husband would laugh out laugh a lot of times while turning the pages.

Suddenly I am excited of his schooling again. I am excited to hear another progress. I am excited to work on things that needs ironing out and I am just glad to be with my son inside the hall where he is scared of eating. After our meeting I talked to my son. He would tell me where he sits and what he does. And who he eats with. Hopefully talking about it in there would make him less scared of the hall in the next days.

This meeting gave me hope and some answers.

My word of the week is Progress.

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