Grove Park Adventure

As I have done so many chores last Sunday I missed seeing Remembrance Day parade and celebrations. I decided to go to Grove Park where there is a monument for the people who fought the war. When I arrived there it is so serene. In the monument, there are poppies and wreath. I stayed to enjoy the ambiance and read some names of the people who died, who gave their life for the future generations. Mumbled 'Thank you' and walked around some more to take photos before I do my school run.

As it rained a lot in the past days, the plants and flowers looks so fresh. Some still got raindrops on them. Such a pretty sight.

The CCTV in operation sign is dedicated to my son who is currently obsessed with them.

This is my entry to the Worded or Wordless Wednesday Linky Party! Why dont you share and link up a post with a picture that you want to share!


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