Lets Get The Party Started

I am so jealous of my son's social calendar! It is full. He attended a party at Puxton Park with his Dad and he was awesome there. Playing non stop with his pre-school friends. I think that he and his best friends really miss each other and I was told that they are inseparable!

And we then went to another party of a friend. Its her daughter's 4th brithday and we went there straight after his tennis. I was expecting a kid who would be grumpy but he is a champion! Joining every game and winning new friends and the dance competition!

And here he is with his competition loot!

My friend was surprised to see him being so game! She knows him as a shy and a bit tantrumy from before but now it all changed.
She said my son is now so sociable and mature! Her comment made me so proud of him. I think that he really got over the tantrumy stage and is now enjoying the company of other kids. Of course his pre-school and school helped a lot as well.

And because he is such a nice kid in parties he has got more invites now.

Whew! Life of a party boy is a bit tiring =P


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