Children copies adults. My son use to always play with pots and pans before which is I suppose what he sees of me. He also love the Ikea ironing board cuz well I always iron.

Now that hes world is getting bigger and he is attending school, our afternoons after school are mostly spent of me being his student and him being a teacher. He now idolizes his teachers.

There's a bit of jealousy on my side but I know that this is normal.

Him copying his teacher also makes me see what is going on inside his class. From the show and tell to how they are learning. And to whom (classmates) he spent most of his school time with.

I just go along with the play. This is more informative for me on how his day was rather than me asking him how's his day in school and getting the 'i forgot' answer.

In addition to him being a teacher he is also doing other roles. The things that he sees around him inspires his play a lot. More reason for me to bring him out more to expose him to what people do. Which will eventually lead to him learning what he really wants when he is older.

It might be too early for that but in my head I can see so many possibilities on what he'll become and I am so excited of this! I am so excited to see him grow and learn.

I wish that my health wont fail me and I will be given a chance to see him grow up. For now though I will try to enjoy playing with him and being in this [imaginary] world that he created and is sharing with me. I am so honored to be invited in there cuz its a fun place to stay! Boundless world and boundless possibilities.

my word of the week is emulate.


The Reading Residence

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