Whats on my mind

The car broke and repairing it will cost a new car. Then the check up fee is massive already. Giving them the car will only pay for 1/3 of the fee. So we dont have a car and we lose the second job as well of delivering pizza which means less income to us again.

I am praying for a mild winter so that we dont spend so much for heating the house.

So goodbye Christmas for me and my family. Am i sad? No.

What is worrying me at the moment is my family at home. There will be another big storm and this time it will hit them. That last strong storm didnt hit them so they are safe. Now I dont know.

There are so many things that my heart desires right now but I can give them all up. I just want my family back home to be safe. Just survive another big one.

And while I am here talking about this massively strong storm. We need to talk about global warming now. My country is always the first to get these storms. And please help my country. Please help my people. Please talk about Global Warming and solve it. Please.

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