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sunday bloody sunday

im up already becaue im going to do my belly dancing exercise. i promise myself that ill do this at least once a week. its been a week and i still havent done any exercise. so im trying to squeeze thi 30min dance before going to work.


yes i have to go to work today on a sunday. ill prolly stay at work till tomorrow cuz we have a deadline. I have 2 deadlines.

and i want to go and see a nonsense movie or watch the departed but i dont have time he he… plus my dentist i asking when im dropping by cuz i need to try me braces.


yipes. im scared. im actually eating nontop cuz i know that i wont be able to eat normally after my bracez fitting. he he.. i there a upport grp for people with bracez here at LJ. im sleepy.


ive been one since ive started working here. id wake up at 5am..go to work at 6am. arrive at 7-8am at makati office and work non stop. and id go home… 8-9pm! and ill arrive at about 10-11pm and sleep and…wake up again and to this same cycle. im tired.


iam tired of litening to the radio of the jeepneys & busseses that im riding on my way to work and i cant afford bracez and ipod at the same time. ipod i ever elusive to me. i want it. my monitor i moving i think i need to say bye.