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A Guest Cook In My Kitchen

My husband decided that it is his turn to show his fave dish called Pork Chorizo and Bean Stew. in our house the gauge to know whether food is great or not is if our fuzzy eater son would try it. My son didn't only tried this one but ate it!


3/4k Pork Shoulder
250g Chorizo
2pcs Onions, diced
4cloves Garlic, crushed
4tsp Paprika
2-400g Canned/Tinned Tomato
1-400g Cannellini (White Kidney) Beans
10ml Peanut Oil
1/2cup Balasamic Vinegar

*2tsps Dried Chilli Flakes


  1. Cook the pork in balsamic vinegar till soft and set aside.
  2. Cook chorizo in oil.
  3. Add garlic, onions and paprika to the chorizo and cook till onion is translucent.
  4. Add the pork and water and tomatoes.
  5. Simmer for an hour.
  6. Add the beans and simmer for another 30 minutes and serve!


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This Week

It has been a struggle for me this week. I got my eyes tested last Saturday and my eye grade went up. From 3.50 to 4.50. I also have dry and red eyes and I cant wear contact lens. I got this from wearing my 2-weeks contact lens for 2 months haha. I didnt tell the optometrist tho. He just said to buy some drops. So with outdated glasses and no contact lens I hover through the week. Includes going camping and being a mother to my son for a week while everything is cloudy and blurry.

Without proper eyesight I am so dizzy too and cant do chores and well cant post and comment. Writing this my face is almost touching the monitor even if I have zoomed in too much.

My word of the week:

Cuz the world is really blurry.

As I said to my husband I am deteriorating here. I know that my eyesight will really go up but I cant buy contact lens because its expensive. Just the amount of the glasses is a pain in our budget ass. The glasses will be available Friday morning and I am so looking forward to seeing the world better again. I am so looking forward to being able to read blogs and comment. I also missed a skype session with my mother as I cant see well and I am so dizzy when we are about to.

Tomorrow. Will be a new day. Tomorrow I will look at things differently! I will stop at small things and big things and look closely and try to savor beauty of my surrounding. I cant wait to see better again.


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I have a box of will expire soon filo pastry so I decided to do a fast snack. I always have the Sweet Red Mongo (Adzuki) Beans on the fridge so I made Turon, a street food in my country. You just go out and you can find someone selling these. We also use banana as filling.

I just add butter to the filo pastry as its so dry already. Added the beans and folded and wrap. Since I cooked lunch and the oven is still hot I cooked it there but you can also fry this. You can also sprinkle the pastry with sugar for texture and extra sweetness but I skipped that as I am okay with the sweetness of the beans already. I would have added langka (jack fruit) strips for added taste and smell but its expensive to get that here!

And this is the finish product! So fast and yummy!

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One of my fave dish in the Philippines before. We call this viand. We eat with rice always and viand is what we eat with our rice. My mother usually cook fish as we live in a fishing town (Malabon) but on special occasions we prepare pork and beef and this is a fave of everyone for its sweet taste and rich sauce. We usually use dried banana blossom which give the dish a nice smell but it is not available here. But I am so happy with my finish product would be nicer with it though.

Here is how to do Humba.



500 grams pork belly, cut into serving pieces
1 cup water
1 head garlic, crushed (adjust to your preference)
1/3 cup vinegar
1/4 cup brown sugar ( I only have dark brown Sugar)
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 teaspoon peppercorns
1/2 cup dried banana blossoms (I skipped this as it is not available here)
salt to taste
Sunflower Oil for frying

1. Combine pork belly, soy sauce, vinegar and garlic in a bowl and marinade for at least an hour. (I did mine overnight) inside the refrigerator
2. Remove the pork from the marinade sauce. Add sugar to a tray and coat the pork. Fry in oil and set aside.
3. In the same pan where you fried your pork add the marinade sauce, water and pork.
4. Simmer and add salt.
5. Reduce the liquid till the sauce is thick and the pork is soft. Remove from heat and serve!

1. You may also add potatoes, hard-boiled eggs or salted black beans.
2. Best serve with rice.


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Been nervous most of the week. This week we are to attend some event in my son's new school for September. The first one being a dinner. My son is an okay boy all over what this is the field that we havent perfected yet. Mealtimes. In the house mealtime is us parents asking him to please concentrate on eating instead of walking round and playing around the table. And this dark secret that I keep, I still spoon feed him cuz if not he would never eat by himself. We started with eating on the table and we do have progress but they are slow. I am wishing that before school start this September theres something different. That he can eat by himself or at least stay on his chair.

We then went back to school for another meeting and I am more relax as this one doesnt involve eating with a fork and knife. Just snacky things. They mafde the kids see their future classroom. I am so proud that he behaved well and got to play with new kids! We bought used uniform from the parents association. Believe me they are in good condition and they are cheaper than when you are buying new ones. My husband bought too much actually.

I think that other than the eating side, we are ready to tackle his foundation years!

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Separation Anxiety

When he started pre-school last September, I am the last mother who will leave the place as he wont go in without me. I need to stay a bit for longer to make him at ease in staying there. This goes a bit long. Two weeks me thinks.

He slowly adjusted to preschool life and can now go without being tantrumy. The waiting for the door to open is already a pre-preschool event as he would play with the other kids waiting by the door too. I am so happy on how he is so at ease with everyone. In preschool there is no grouping yet. He do havea best friend already.

Also, before with his Dad. He would cry bucket of tears before he can go to work. 2 set of buckets as his Dad have 2 jobs. Before every going to work it became a ritual for us that he doesnt want his Dad to go to work.

Everything has changed now too with that. He just needs to know if Daddy is going and he will just say 'Bye Daddy' or 'See you later'. No more tears.

All this nonmore crying for Mommy or Daddy made me a bit sad. True he is growing up and this is one of the signs of that but deep inside me I still want him to ache for my presence.

I am having separation anxiety haha!

But as a parent I have to let him go and grow and experience and be with other people. Because it is inevitable.

At this rate that he is growing I am very very vigilant of the time. I have to record everything in my head. I dont want to miss a thing because I know that before I know it, he will go to proper school and we will have less and less and less time together.

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Word of the Week – Slow Down


Its been an intense month for me well with the blogging anyways. I started being active March and I havent stop since. My goal really is just to be a member of tots100 500 group. I dont even know why. Well myabe I wanted to try those reviewing and I know that they will give your a better chance if you ranking is awesome.

Got my rank and its 559! Imagine! Thats like heavenly! But … few hours ago I saw my son and he has got this black spot in his teeth. I was thinking why did that happen when I brush his teeth religiously!!!!

I also saw bushy eyebrow. I need to clean myself up. House is at a state where I will be branded as a hoarder soon and my ironing is piling up. Not to mention the laundy! Scary! =P I looked back and all my time is spent commenting on gazillions of blogs just so I can have traffic back on my blog too.

As I mentioned here too that I am heavily joining those linky! I just joined and joined and joined.

This is the part where I know that I have been spending too much time on this blogging and well I think its time to give up the dream that this might turn into a career. Looking at my past post, my blog is not really PR/family friendly as some of the entries are angst ridden. My photos are mediocre too so who will pay attention to them.

The good side of course is that I met so many interesting people mostly mothers who are rocking the internet world. I dont know how they do it! Balancing a net career with family life is just so hard too hard.

Of course there will be linky that i wont give up on too like this and #HDYGG. Precious. Word of the week makes me contemplate on the week that was and #HDYGG is a therapy for when everything is so heavy and unbearable I just go out with the camera, take photos and things will get wee bit better. Share it with like minded people and get satisfaction seeing their awesome photos too! Who needs a shrink!?

I will also miss those nice post. The one that will make you ponder. Thought provoking.

This is really not working so I have to let it go.

So today I will slow down. Join linky but will not comment as much. Will just see from there.

I have heavy heart of course. Again this is something that I wanted to do to.. make things better at home financially and make my life have more meaning.

I will still continue posting of course but only for my mother to see son's development =)

So is this goodbye? OMG why are there tears?

Loves you guys! Will miss you interesting bunch =)

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Distance Within

Recently I as told your guys before its not okay in the homefront. My husband and I are not talking and there is a cold war. This is since January when we had a big confrontation about me going home and him letting me go but wanting my child to stay. I just. I just cant recover from it. I just cant believe that… he can let me go just leave my son?

There is obviously no love in the relationship anymore. Him letting me go and me wanting to go back home. There is just this person thats still connects us which is my son, Sebastian. I just dont know hot to recover from the fact that he is .. he only wants my son and it is okay without me. And maybe he can't also recover from the fact that I want to go but will only not go because I can't bring my son. Cuts both ways. Hurt both sides. How can we recover?

In matters of healing the body or the mind, vacation is a true genius! –Mehmet Murat ildan

Should we let each other go on separate ways just so we can heal each other and talk when we are in a better state? Do we need a vacation from each other? Come to think of it we are probably there already. Separated emotionally only living together physically.


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Guilt Trip

As you may know when I wrote this I am a bit on the edge of things lately. My feeling uneasy was heightened by the news that a friend's mother died on her birthday. I grew up with them and her Mom is a friend of my mother. Deaths of mothers are a sensitive issue for me.

I notice how easy I flare out. I do not shout but I say words that hurts to my husband.

This afternoon while I am ironing, I let my son out in the terrace as i can see him from where I am when the door is open. Then he tried to close the door and i panicked and I said 'Sebastian do not close the door!'.

He then looked at me and said on alow voice, 'Do not shout Mummy'.

And I was … shocked.

Did I shout?

And its like I woke up from something.

I probably did shout.

This made me feel guilty. It is like I am venting out my frustrations to my son. I can easily just told him to not close the door in a mil manner as he is doesnt really have a problem with this.

He sat on the ledge near the door looking out and looking at him like that borke my heart and made me cry. I went to him and I said I am sorry and he said its okay and we hugged and he went back to his playing (with the door open) like nothing happened. He is still a child who doesnt hold grudges and I am lucky on that part.

But I should do something with his temper. I know its just shouting but this shouting is from something other than him closing that door.

I am trying to locate where this feeling came from, when did this started? It is of course since January when I wanted to go home and my husband doesnt want me to bring my son (I can go without him) and then we manage to settle for me to do the citizenship. And then the letter from NARIC telling me that my Diploma is not of the same value as it is in the Philippines. Meaning not only can I apply for the citizenship but the course that i am SO proud of is not what it really is in here. So all in all everything is a series of bad news for me and … and I dont have time to be sad because nothing stops. Life (chores, tasks and responsibilities) continues even if inside I am so down. As I said blogging (and food mostly chocolates) helped but it can only help so much right.

So I know theres a problem. I know what is causing it. What should I do?

This is what's going to be in my mind tonight. Whats going to eat me in the next days.

It is so hard that I my son is suffering from this situation. I dont want him to. He is the last person that I want to get hurt in all these and yet he is suffering. I will try to settle things already.  But what am I going to do?

im so screwed.


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You Live, You Learn.

I am far from my mother is mothering did not come easy for me. I have so many issues that I have to work on that I think when I am home will not be an issue at all.

I don't have anyone to ask to about things. I mean I can always ask my mother via SKype but things are easier said than done. I have been struggling and still struggling but I want to have a bit of control on things.

Slowly i managed to sort some thing out.

Like how I dont know how to stop breastfeeding. He turned 2 and my plan was to stop till he is 2. I co-sleep with my son so it is easy to just bring the boobs out and feed him while I am half-asleep half awake. But how do you stop it when you are so use to it. I just started not facing him in bed. I also feed him more at night so as he will not be asking for milk. He would cry and cry and cry and I would give in. Some nights I am strong, most nights I am weak. But I am trying. And suddenly one night he just slept without asking for milk from me.

I have to admit though that I miss breastfeeding him. The freedom to eat as much without gaining weight =P

Then the tooth brushing. I have to admit that before its really hard that I would skip it. He wont open his mouth and would bite the toothbrush if I successfully got it in. Its just mental! Then I found out about this video from Sesame Street that involves Elmo brushing. Very v. helpful indeed! He even took the toothbrush and would brush his own teeth.

Since the Elmo incident, I would always look for things Elmo media to introduce new things to him. This potty blog entry is one of the proof that Elmo helps me more than real people =P He really does show my toddler that kids do these things.

Sleep is one of my worries before as well. While working at Domino's Pizza I go home late (3am) and this wakes him. On nights that I am not working he sleeps at 11pm and wakes up almost lunch time the next day. Its like my secret to other mothers on playgroups. When they are talking about sleep I walk away cuz my son just woke up an hour or so before the playgroup which starts 2 in the afternoon. Making him sleep 8.30 is hard. I started few weeks before he started pre-school and it was HARD! Mostly its me settling down that early too. But with perseverance, he started sleeping 8.30. I just made sure that we are in bed 8.30. Even if he sleeps that time or not… we are there. And then just like that he started sleeping on time.

Nail biting. I remember blogging about this. His teeth suffered already I think. He started nail biting after I weaned him so its safe to say that he is comforting himself with it. We are always figthing about it. Me asking him to stop and him not wanting to. This is the hardest that I have to control. It took months and months and a lot of crying (on both sides> him and me) before he eventually stop. I just notice that we are fighting less and less. And we are not fighting (about it) anymore. I'd say it took me 8 months. =( Long enough for his teeth to suffer.

But i feel better now. A bit confident as a mother to sort things out.

Since he started potty my next plan is for us to eat at the table. Or for us to eat together and him starting to eat by himself.

So i have to confess on that again dont i?

Toddler started with him eating his own food before. Somewhere between that and now is he became a fuzzy eater. From eating just about anything and everything to not eating even his fave food from before (banana, apple and yogurt). I even attended a seminar about toddler eating and it helped a bit but not him going back to eating by himself.

And that is my goal now, for us to eat together on a table and him to eat by himself. I made preparations (started today) by replacing our small dining table (which is also my ironing board, study & drawing table) to a nicer glass one.

TAble 1IMG_2907

And here he is already using the table cuz it looks cooler! He even said its nice. Its just sad that he is sick so I cant make him use the table for dinner yet. But we will use this and he will eat by himself =)


hmmmm.. i wonder if Elmo's got an eating app =P

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