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Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin: You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don’t help.
Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

One of the most hurtful thing that a flasflood did to me was when I lost my Calvin and Hobbes Comic Book Collection. It happened in June 2008. I was sleeping and woken by tghe sound of water flowing. I thought its my mind telling me that I need to pee. When my feet touch my room floor theres water flowing in. And its rising fast! And I am so glad that the electricity went off few seconds after that cuz I dont know what would've have happened. Panic helped a lot. Seconds after that my family and I are carrying things way bigger than us up in a small second floor. The water wont stop rising and my knees would want to cave in. One point I sawmy sister carry our big dog up. I dont know if theres still space there.

Few minutes after the water stopped.

I sat on the bed that was submerged in muddy black water and I looked around and saw everything wet.

My books. My precious books.

Unlike here that you have libraries where you can borrow books, we Filipinos need to buy our own and they are expensive even though they are exempted from VAT (Value Added Tax). They are mostly imported too. When I got a job my salary is not enough for me to buy books. I have to wait 2 or 3 salary saved money before I can buy one book that I love. Its mostly Calvin & Hobbes, Gaiman, Architecture Books, Anatomy books for my sketching and some local authors as well. I am also in love with this series by Francince Pascal which is called Fearless and the Lemony Snicket ones.

When I saw them floating on that muddy water something in me died. I didnt cry but I felt the saddest ever. The meals that skipped, coffee and movie that I didnt see. The tasteless oatmeal that I ate just so I can save.

A dagger in my heart. That explained the pain then.

I recovered of course. I should be thankful that none of the pets died, none of the family members died and I did not die. Physically.

I think that that flash flood killed something inside everyone in that household.

Sense of security. Everyone would be jumpy everytime theres rain. Scared that that rain would bring flash flooding again.

Living with it for the longest time doesnt help too. Living with the muddy smell to remind you of that day.

I still love books. But I am scared to have them physically now. Even here. Cuz that part that of me that died that day is still dead. I never went back to my old self. And I never saw my Calvin & Hobbes ever again.

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My Fictional World

One things that I learned from having an alcoholic dad who always shouts at night is Escape. My mother taught this to me. She would open the radio loud and my brain will go somewhere other than our house with my father who is drunk.

Then I move from (or in addition to) radio I started reading books.  The dystopian themed young adult books that we have now are not yet available then but theres Francine Pascal's book.  I would read it and (day)dream that I am inside the book romancing some cool sensitive guy rather than in my house.

Books shielded me from harsh realities of life by giving me a chance to be somewhere else rather than be in the dark of my room. It made me face reality better knowing that if everything is too much I can go and hide in the pages of my current book.

In Manila we don't have libraries that you have here in the UK. I have to buy my own books and exchange them with other readers that I know. I have to sell them too if I wanted to get new ones. But the allure of escaping always made me save so that I can buy books.

My first favourite is The Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'engle. About Meg(aparsec) a stubborn math whiz girl who saved his dad from aliens. I love this book because theres so much imagination involve in reading it. While I am reading it my brain is busy weaving scenes like movies of the events that's happening in every pages.

Again Francine Pascals Fearless. I love Gaia cuz she is strong and yet vurnerable. And she can eat Krispy Kreme without gaining a pound. What not to love?

Then I discover Neil Gaiman from my fave local (Philippine) writer Karen Kunawics. Neil Gaiman is like Madeleine L'engle. He just knows how to switch my brain on. How to make the film maker in me create scenes of his stories. My fave of all his story is Neverwhere.

I also fell in love with Graphic Novels. Local and International. Arkham Assylum, Black Orchid, Veil, Mythology Class (Philippine Graphic Novel by Arnold Arre) just to name a few.

I became addicted to horror books as of late. It started with The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. About Dracula and his love for books. Read it people. I have to look around me while I am still reading it thinking, imagining someone is at my back. Its so .. scary. Her nesxt novel is not as scary but interesting as well> The Swan Thieves. Art lovers and thieves story.

I also love man books like Lord of the Flies, Fight Club and some other Chuck Palahniuk books. They are just so gross and I love them to bits.

I tried reading Twilight but I gave up on the first book. It is just not doing it for me. But I was able to finish The Host by Stephanie Meyer.

Time Traveller's Wife made me cry (The movie not so much) and the last 2 books that I read that made a dent in my literary life is Sister and Life after Life.

I read Sister by Rosamund Lupton when I am yearning for my sister's (family) in my life. I miss them dearly and.. and the book made me miss them some more. Its a mystery crime book. A new genre that I am now a fan of.

Life after Life is .. life changing. It is about Ursula and how she lives her life after life. She was given a chance to be born again everytime and her every life is so colourful. A lot of times the color is dark and bloody. I cant give the sotry away but I love how this book made me yearn that it is longer if not never ending.

Today .. this morning. Err.. (its 1am) I am busy reading non-fiction for my ESOL exam. A bummer. But I am currently reading Swimming. About Pi who is on the verge of swimming stardom. I am not finish with it yet but its promising. Near my bed is The Night Circus that I have started reading but forgot to continue cuz I just don't have the energy in the last days to read before sleeping. I am just too tired.


But I defo defo need to read the The Book Thief. I am planning on reading a lot of books and I cant wait till I can start with fiction again

The Reading Residence


i have 3 books thats waitin to be read:

1. fragile things – gaiman
2. unbearable lightness of being – kundera
3. trainspotting(sp?) – errr…. irvine

.. but i cant seem to read past page 8…. i should prolly read chick lit 1st just to get me in the mood.

anybody who wants to lend me a good & sexy chick lit book…. ill lend you my gaiman!!!!


ill prolly buy one instead… are the summit chic books any good???? its the cehapest that i can think ov.

hhmmmmm…. wait!

powerbooks is on sale!

might rush there to browse!!!!!

… i want to read! go back to reading! had a good start w/ historian and a lot of books followed… i stopped when i transfered from kjf to sturctural hawaii.. and now im in my 3rd compaby this year… i want to go back!!!!!


i just finish reading wue hei.

she is also known as coco. cuz she kinda looks like him only chinese.

she wants to write something that would make her famous.

shanghai baby is a semi autobioraphy of hers.

she wrote about her life and raked money from it.

she wrote her life and her dream came true.

… i dont even want to be famous, i just want to write books or just one and ..well be read.

its nicer if theres lotsa money but seeing my book on shelves of powerbooks and national bookstore and those small, quaint booskhops at malate and ermita and im happy.

but i dont know how to write the stories that been in my head foe centuries.

and my life sucks that i dont think people would want to read it.

and yes i still have 1000 excuse for not writing but in the end…

its just that…

i have a story and i am not startign anything…

i am not writing it

and then i’d get hurt when somebody would beat me in writing that story in my head.

help…. =(