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Mini V Festival

We were lucky enough to win entrance tickets from Elenor of The Bristol Parent blog and be able to attend Mini V Festival in Chew Magna and here are few shots that I took of our trip. The parking is a wee bit of a walk from the site but the organizers provided this cool transport! My son loves it so much as a tractor is pulling us and we can see the farm from above!

Arriving in the campsite we were welcomed with a stunning view of a lake and boats and grass! And when we went to the stage area we saw COLORS and lots of it! There are so many things that adults and kids can do here. Adn awesome food that made a mark on my husband's as he said its the best burger he tasted.

And the walk back the tent is not far so when your legs are tired you can go back and see sunset from your tent's door.

Refreshed we of course went back! And my son played some more while lively music is playing in the background. We joined in of course and we jumped with the crowd! Everyone is so friendly and its so safe to dance with your kid/s in the middle of the crowd.

When its too late we went back for my son to sleep. This is actually a problem as the music is loud and we can hear it in the tent making sleeping hard. I should have provided my son with those sound reducing earphones. My bad. So we have to get out again and this happened! Massive bonfire! So warm in there and nice to hear the crackling of the wood. Everyone is in awe of the size of this fire.

The next day, we walked a bit and we readied to go home. There are still lots of band line up but my son will start school the next day and we dont want him too tired. We went home ahead of everyone. The organizers are kind enough to provide us with a wheelbarrow to bring out stuff to the car! Son loves it a lot!!!

One last look and we said goodbye.

This is where the event happened. And my husband wants to join as he beleive in their values and vision.

This is our first music festival as a family. Another chance for us to start a new tradition. We enjoyed the place. We enjoyed this trip and we enjoyed the event. And we are definitely doing it again!


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Beeches Farm Camping Site

I am still recovering from the tiredness that I got from going to Cloud Farm Camping Site and due to my poor eyesight I was thinking of just resting this weekend but my husband has got other plans. If its up to me I just really wanted to stay home but he already told my son and my in-laws who will join us so what is there to do but to join them.

This time we went to Beeches Farm Camping Site which is in Wales. Wales my husband said is another country! So I just told myself GO ME! Camping in another country! We paid toll which is believe it or not amazing for me as we do pay toll in my country so its like in a way I am in my country. Sorry I so treasure small things that reminds me of home. Even paying toll. We pass by a massive modern bridge which reminded me of HK too!

The place is okay. There are a lot of campers when we arrived but there is still so much space. The staff is really supportive! This is the first time that I saw some staff around in my 5 camping experience. And the facilities are good. We have views of mountains too. But I miss the river in the last campsite. I miss the walking path too.

I am so proud that I am getting better at pitching tents. I helped my husband the last time and this time we did 2 massive tents this time. It is really windy too so that adds to the challenge. We were able to do the tent thing in less than an hour. We then just loaded everything in the tent and my son enjoyed following my mother-in-law. A tail if you want to call him.

He also played some badminton which he calls tennis and he is so keen in playing it! Even when night time came. Sadly its too dark for him. As the last time he is the one who asked if we can sleep already. He must be very tired from the travel and from playing around.

The wind blew stronger when we are asleep. In the middle of the night husband woke up to add more rope to both the tent to make it sturdier. It rained too but amazingly we feel cozy inside the tent. Too cozy I think that when morning came my husband and son slept till I late!

I woke up 6am. Went out to see the sun and went back again and walked inside our small tent. I am so bored in waiting for them to wake up that I ventured out on my own. I just walked and walked and saw a lot of blackberries by the road. It is the reason why birds' chirping is loud here too. I just walk and walk and cant find anything thats nice. I headed back. And saw my husband and son out to get me.

This is a bit glamping more than camping for me. In the past we are always cooking in the fire with small amount of food. This morning they brought out a massive cooking range and cooked breakfast of eggs, mushrooms, beans on decent pots and pans! They have tea and have juice and the whole shebang. That is like more than I serve at home even. My son and I just tinker with a Peppa Pig magazine which incidentally feature camping =)

A heavy breakfast I think is vital as after few minutes it started to drizzle to we have to disassemble the tent as fast as we can to not make it wet from the rain. Again I helped my husband David while my son helped too in putting pegs on bags.

I think that it is a nice camping gig for us. Would have been better with more area to explore but this is okay already. Didn't made me too tired. I am so looking forward to doing chores and tasks and blog and comment! Only to find out that we are heading to another site to just see and explore> Tintern Abbey.

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A Family Camping

We've started camping about a month or 2 ago and we are addicted! Husband got himself a cheap but okay tent too (we were borrowing a small tent before) from gumtree and he is keen in trying it so we off to camping we go!

This is our first time to camp alone as a family. We always go with a family friend and it was always fun and safe as they are seasoned campers already.

It is a bit scary and exciting to say the least. We also chose a different camp site. A lot farther than usual. We went to Exmoor. The drive was long and along the way we are always discovering things that we should bring but weren't able to. Potty, our mini broom and dust pan. Lantern we should have borrowed from my husband's brother.

It is rather scary too. The road to this campsite is steep and on some parts we are exposed to cliffs! Near the camp site the road is too narrow too. I was actually thinking we will be alone in there as it is a bit far (in my standard at least).

But when we arrive there are so many campers! Like a festival! And I can hear water flowing. This got me excited! As we arrive we bit late we need to assemble tent right up. Me and hubby started pitching the tent up while Sebastian my son started exploring. We let him be as the river is not deep and he is very keen on seeing and feeling the water. The best place to camp ever!

Sebastian did help when he saw the mallet!

I think he got a bit tired from all the exploring so when the tent it up he asked if he can eat.

We had a bit of hard time firing our woods as we only have those small match but we did manage to get it started. It is a bit windy so its scary to make the fire too big. Sebastian made too much mallows on stick =P

He slept like a log! I think its because the weather is good! He's having a lot of problem sleeping lately at night due to the heat. In here its cool and nice to use the duvet again! And the sound of the water flowing helps in winding him down too! He woke up with a smiley face.

Ate his breakfast at this rock! One in front of our tent. Life is good!

Early morning visitor! So cute!

Me! Laughing like crazy cuz the water is SO cold. You get use to it tho and its fun after few minutes.

Look at the water cascading. We could live here! Just so serene!

We started exploring the place together. So much prettiness! So many space to hike to!

Sadly we need to go during lunch as Husband needs to work the next day. Sebastian doesn't want to go of course saying he wants to stay in the water some more. We did give in and husband and son swam a bit even if its cold.

So they took a dip in the cold water, changed, disassemble the tent and we drove home.

But would also stop by to views like this!

It was an awesome day and we visited an awesome place! That campsite if well recommended by us! secluded and yet not lonely. We are definitely going back (hopefully next week =P)


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Second Chance

We went camping again and this time I have my contact lens solution and blankets!
We were so brave too to go even when the rain is looming.
We reckon its nice to experience camping too even when its not sunny.
We wanted to stay where we used to camp but the area is booked for students.
About 90 the owner said. I love it! I was thinking a music festival and not a common camping.
In my head a stage pops out of that field and some musician playing while the kids arrive one group at a time.
We borrowed the same tent and this time we (husband =P) know how to assemble it better.
And my son is so happy to see his friend Megan from our last camping trip.
I have to confess though that he is stalking her and I think at some point of our trip she got annoyed for having a tail that is my son.
I am so sorry for that. I don't want her night to be bad. I don't know how to stop my son from following her.

The highlight this this camping trip is getting some twigs to sustain fire.
We are trying to save money as last time we spend too much on buying woods.
It is a bit hard to walk on a path with my son but fun nonetheless.
(And since twigs dont last long we have to go back to the forest again. Darker and more slippery as it rained a bit.
And yet we were able to get more!)

When it got dark enough we (the guys mostly) started fire. We ate burgers on baps! Yummy.
And right on cue, the rain started to pour after dinner.
Making my son grumpy as he needs to hide on the tent when he still wants to join the big guys around the camp fire.
As we are more ready even if its raining at night we dont feel that cold.
Just warm and cozy! Interestingly the fire is still going!
As I am inside the tent I dont know what the guys are doing to make it alive for long.
But I know that it is still on as the smoke would go inside the tent. We woke up smelling, feeling like smoked salmon.

The next day I woke up way early so that I can explore the site and take photos.
I just walk around and saw so many things to photograph!

Some more chat and after a game of throwing balls we head to Axbridge Reservoir.

This time around we had more fun as we are more ready and less things are forgotten!
Camping for me is something that the more you do the more you know and the more you get better.


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Camping preparation was chaotic as I am clueless on what to bring and what not to bring. I don't want to overdo it but I dont want to forget things that are needed the most. In the end we went out of the door wishing that we have everything we need to have a decent camping experience. First for all of us =)

We met up with friends whom we will go camping with. Not only our first camping out but also a first for me to spend an overnight stay with someone who is not a member of my family. Scary much.

Then we head to the camping site. We arrive there and the sky was gloomy. I am wishing it wont rain as I don't want to walk on soggy grounds.  Good thing that it all ended with a gloomy sky. We even manage to have a long walk before the sunset and saw a pretty sunset on higher ground. The rain did not arrive and it was a nice night to start the fire. Start the fire we did! It was big and warm and we toasted mallows and the kids run around it.

I am also glad that the child of the our friends are nice. She is the nicest and the most patient towards my son who is so into her. They just played and played like there's no age gap between them. With the crackling of the wood are laughter of 2 kids playing. What a nice night it was. Knowing that the kids are okay me and the other Mum just talked about life. A first time for me to be comfortable in a setting like this. The most intimate setting for me.

Night time came and I need to bring my Sebastian to sleep. Then the problems arise. I forgot to bring my contact lens solution and case. No glasses for me as well. So when I took it off I can no longer join the adults outside cuz I can no longer see anything especially in the dark even when there's fire. I also realized that I did not bring proper blankets. 2 thin fleece blanket is not enough to give me and my son warmth inside the tent.

I sat there cold as I need to share the blanket with my son. Him being the priority had the thick ones. Its like winter for me all over again. Other than that everything is okay.

The next day is a bit hard too. With me almost blind, I did not enjoy the morning activity. Fathers Day was spent in a carboot sale but I cant see the wares being sold. So there. I am just being dragged from one place to another. I am a bit embarrassed with the other family. They probably think I am not enjoying it but its really just hard to not see things well.

We then went home tired. But we will do this again and I know better the next time!

I want to do this again and correct the things! We will do this again cuz in spite of the things we forgot to bring as  camping is really nice! A real fun for my son and playing with her new found friend.