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Word of the Week

When summer vacation started our routine was thrown out of the window and we just go and do things by the day. We dont have a schedule. Inside I am crying as I worked hard for that routine but it is really hard to follow now as he wont sleep early cuz of the heat and he wont wake up early cuz he slept late. Funny enough routine is not my word of the week cuz whats my last song syndrome really is this channel thats constantly on and always on our background. My word of the week is:

It is constantly on. He is not even watching it. It is like a radio to him as he is always in the living room playing. When I turn it off he thrown hissy fits and I just turn it on and the tantrums gone! He would also drag me in the living room every time show me show me is doing their groovy moves or its time for mr bloom to sing and dance. His fave show tho is Time For School. We would sit down and watch the kids go to their respective school and do school stuff. I think this is nice as it gets him ready for his school as well! Another fave of him is Topsy and Tim and if we missed it cuz we are walking out we would go to BBC iPlayer just to catch up.

So ask me about the programs and I know the shows and their respective time slots by heart and that is my word of the week and probably the next 5 weeks as well.


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